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Top 7 Eco-Tourism Experiences In Hawaii

More and more people desire a tour where they can totally immerse themselves in nature. So, here we are with the list of the top 7 eco-tourism experiences in Hawaii. Let’s carefully plan your trip with our ideal suggestions.

Hana Highway Tour


This unforgettable eco-tour to Hana, Maui will give you the most breathtaking drive ever. 

The road to Hana offers 59 one-lane bridges and more than 600 hairpin curves. Exciting, right? There are also blind spots along the route that we haven’t mentioned yet.

Hiking In Kamakou Preserve – Eco-Tourism Experiences In Hawaii


This luxuriant location is so pristine and hidden that it might give you a feeling like you’re the foremost to uncover it. Nature Conservancy volunteers and staff provide visitors with a hike every month from April to October. The route is along a boardwalk through Kamakou Preserve.

Coming to this site, you will have a chance to see many rare floras and animals. Birds singing and flowers blooming, merely imagine the vision is enough for your tired soul.

Kayak Tour In Maui


Kayaking has always been a favored outdoor activity in Maui. The shoreline and ocean in Maui are marvelously diverse ecosystems. And a kayak tour would definitely make your experience here better. We suppose that kayaking even goes far beyond wildlife watching and snorkeling.

And when it comes to eco-tour, we suggest you find a reliable one so that you can enjoy the trip to its fullest.

Kula Botanical Garden – Eco-Tourism Experiences In Hawaii


For those who love strolling around and enjoying the fresh air, the Kula Botanical Garden is truly for you.

Here, you can take a stroll through gardens of aboriginal plants. Remember to enjoy the pretty ponds, waterfalls, and rock formations as well. Then, let’s have a picnic with the stunning sights of the west Maui mountains and the valley.

Kanepuu Preserve


This place offers a self-guided tour to discover 48 different Hawaiian plants. The tour will show you how this Lanai fragile ecosystem attempted to survive until these days.

You will have to take a four-wheel drive to get to this distant area. Then, take a self-guided tour by using the self-guiding maps in the entry of the forest.

Farm Tour In Oahu – Eco-Tourism Experiences In Hawaii


A farm tour to know more about the farm-to-table processes is not a bad choice, right? If you’re a true foodie and nature lover, this tour won’t let you down.

Besides learning about Hawaiian cuisine, you will also have a chance to see native floras at Honolulu Botanical Gardens. 

Don’t forget to visit the island’s farmer’s markets! Local Oahu foods such as Waimanalo greens, Waialua chocolate, Kahuku corn, Manoa honey, North Shore beef, etc. will surely make you mouthwatering.

Whale Watching On Kauai


If you still want to have humpback whale watching, head to Kauai’s coastline. These gentle giants appear from December to May. As the Hawaiian waters are warm, the whales love to come here to breed and give birth.

Remember not to touch or swim with whales and other aquatic animals.

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