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Top 5 Unreal Lakes in Banff, Canada

Banff National Park in Canada is an unreal beautiful place. The best way to describe Banff is to compare it to a small piece of heaven on Earth. It has unreal beautiful lakes. Let me introduce you to the top 5 most beautiful lakes in Banff.

Moraine Lake – tops the list of Top 5 Unreal Lakes in Banff, Canada.

Moraine Lake
Moraine Lake

With Blue Waters, it’s hard for the beautiful Moraine Lake not to be at the top of this list. One of the best spots to photograph Lake Moraine is at the top of a small hill overlooking the lake, just 5 minutes from the parking lot.

Jagged snow-capped peaks, colorful canoes, and azure waters are signature looks that make any photo of Lake Moraine, a social media record-breaker.

Lake Peyto

Lake Peyto
Lake Peyto

Lake Peyto is one of the most unique and recognizable lakes in Banff, Canada. The lake is very long and shaped like a wild animal like a fox or a wolf.

The best place to see this breathtaking lake is at the top of a designated observatory within a few minutes walk from the parking lot. Other hikes to less crowded trails and views are also available.

Lake Agnes – Top 5 Unreal Lakes in Banff, Canada

Lake Agnes
Lake Agnes

Lake Agnes is a small alpine lake located atop a mountain next to Lake Louise. Many people miss this small lake during their trip because it is hidden in the forest.

However, don’t let the climbing discourage you from seeing it. The hike ends with a cute teahouse overlooking the lake serving over 100 different teas, snacks, and dishes. It is definitely a little gem hidden in the mountains!

Two Jack Lake

Two Jack Lake
Two Jack Lake

If you are looking for a peaceful and serene lake to photograph, the best spot in Banff is Two Jack Lake.

Located away from any of the main attractions, it is less crowded than any other lake in Banff. The only people you might meet at this lake are other photographers or occasional campers. This is the perfect spot to watch the morning dew at sunrise, especially from the small secluded island in the center of the lake.

Lake Vermillion

Vermillion Lakes are the closest lakes to downtown Banff – they’re so close you can walk there.

These lakes are most popular for photographing sunrises and sunsets when the sky turns from pink to purple. This is also a wonderful place for winter photography when unique bubbles form and freeze in the lake when the lake is covered with ice.

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