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Top 5 Traditional Irish Foods that make locals proud

The Emerald Isle is always famous for its medieval castles and spectacular views of every corner of the country. However, Irish cuisine is also a special feature that has annually attracted numerous amount of visitors.  An Irish meal usually includes most grain, meat, and vegetable due to local people prefer the food fulfilling oneself without wastage. If you’ve ever found yourself traveling to this breathtaking country, note down the top 5 traditional Irish foods to your list!

Irish Soda BreadThe best traditional food in Ireland


Soda bread is one of the quick bread that does not need yeast to bake but uses soda powder instead. The recipe is simple with four basic ingredients, including whole wheat flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk for moisturization. After the mixing step, the dough is shaped into a ball with one cross-cut on the surface. 

Soda bread has various recipes. Some people may like the sweet taste of a spoon of honey or dried fruits. And others may prefer a healthy meal with sprinkled seeds and rolled oats. You can enjoy this traditional dish at most restaurants in Ireland.



Forget the normal sweet pancake, let’s try the traditional potatoes dish in Ireland!

After combining mashed potatoes with flour, eggs, and skim milk, the mixture will be deep-fried to have golden brown outside. People also steam or bake it in the oven, but frying is still the most popular choice. Then based on each people’s flavors, there will be meat or vegetables included in the dish.

Visitors can eat this as breakfast or early dinner and have the best enjoyment with this traditional food by trying it at the restaurant Boxty House in Dublin. 

Irish Stew – The best traditional food in Ireland


Nothing is simpler than an Irish stew. It is hearty and comforting, recalling people their childhood memories by the dept in flavors.

Because of various choices of ingredients put together, there are many recipes to make the stew. They could be beef cubes with Guinness, or lamp with broth, which are simmered in a pot with potatoes, onion, herbs, and other root vegetables (optional). 

Surely this will be the best traditional Irish dish to help people go through cold seasons. 

Cabbage and bacon


Cabbage and bacon may sound boring at first, but they are actually one of the best combinations in Ireland.

Recently, this basic traditional food has become more famous in communities pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Salted pork is usually soaked in water to lessen the salt, then boiled with cabbage and herds, and finally served with parsley sauce. Not much complicated and fat, one spoon of it will delight your heart as well as benefit your health. 

Black and white pudding The best traditional Irish food


The name can easily trick foreigners, this Irish foods are not a dessert but actually a kind of sausage.

To make black sausage, people will stuff ingredients (pork or beef blood, meat, cereal, fat, barley) in cases, boild all of them together, and lastly hung them to dry out. The difference between these two sausages is that white pudding does not have blood. 

The best accompaniment with black/white sausage is potatoes, tangy chutney, and minced beef. Perfect couple for brunchtime!

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