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Top 5 Interesting Things To Do in Canada Visitors Must Try

As the second-largest country in the world, Canada is full of spectacular natural wonders and picturesque views to enjoy. There is also a never-ending series of interesting activities for visitors to experience. If you feel confused about where to start, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Let’s explore the top 5 interesting things in Canada that every visitor must try once!

Polar Bear Capital – interesting things to do in Canada


How many chances for you to meet a wild polar bear, an arctic fox rolling on snow, or a beluga whale waving its tail?

When coming to Churchill in Canada, you can do all of them. Because of the migration of thousands of polar bears to Churchill from July to December, the place has been named “the capital of polar bears”. There is no road directly connecting to the town, so you must arrive here by train or by plane. Visitors can take any polar bear tour to have a chance to get closer to them. You would sit on an all-terrain vehicle and be taken deeply into the tundra, allowing you to encounter polar bears just far 1 meter away, and spot other wildlife in the snowy fields.

Canoeing and kayaking


Another interesting activity to try in Canada!

Canada has plenty of stunning lakes with many waterways, along with its variety of ecosystems, all of them combining is perfect for a paddling day. If you are a nature lover and just simply want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, you can go to Ontario to view the scenery while kayaking. And for those who are adventure seekers, the dramatic routes in Nahanni Canyon will definitely give you an unforgettable experience. 

Bungee Jumpinteresting things to do in Canada


Besides paddling through some rugged waterways, brave-hearted visitors can also rush their blood by taking a jump from a high platform. 

The Great Canadian’s Bungee – “The Rock”, which takes you about 20 minutes riding a car from downtown Ottawa, is one of the biggest bungee sites in the country. You will find yourself standing at the height of 200 meters, above a shining turquoise lake, the drop to the surface surely makes your adrenaline rise fast. If you want more thrilling, ask for a water dip. This interesting activity will not disappoint your stone heart!

The Northern Lights


No one can cross this interesting activity in Canada out of their bucket list!

The northern lights in Canada are one of the most fascinating views in the world. Their other names are aurora and polar light. Usually Northern light only shows up in the sky zone of high-latitude regions such as Sweden, Finland, or Russia. In Canada, visitors can see these natural beautiful lights in Yukon, Manitoba, or Quebec. Luckily, depending on location, you can still find them year-round. However, to catch the best chances, you should plan the Aurora trip from October to March.

Niagara Fallsinteresting things to do in Canada


It would be a lie if I say people do not come to Canada for Niagara Falls!

They are literally one of the iconic waterfall ranges of the world and have attracted more than 30 million tourists every year.  At Niagara Falls, except for seeing them from far away, there are actually many other interesting activities visitors could do. One of the famous choices is “Maid of the Mist”, the sightseeing boat tour starting from Niagara River to American Falls. Besides that, you could also enjoy the Canadian music show or learn about McFarland House.

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