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Top 5 Best Cities to Visit in New Zealand

Although being just a small island, New Zealand impresses the world with its modern and high standard of living. Follow us to explore the best cities to visit in New Zealand.

Wellington – Best cities in New Zealand


As far as we know, Wellington is the capital and the second-largest city of New Zealand, with a population of approximately 400,000. 

Due to its topographic and geographic features, the weather in Wellington is particularly windy. To be more specific, it is located on a harbor and surrounded by mountains. That’s also the reason why Wellington is called the “Windy City”.

However, don’t be mistaken by the sight that the city is being pampered by mother nature. Wellington is obviously modern enough to live up to its position as New Zealand’s capital.

Interspersed with skyscrapers are wooden buildings that spring up along mountainsides and waterfronts.  The mix of lovely vintage and modern constructions make the city unique. Other services such as famous museums, first-class resorts, historical theaters, etc. really make Wellington the best place to visit in New Zealand. 



Although Auckland is not the capital of the country, it is the biggest city and plays an important role in the economic system, especially in aviation. 

Auckland offers visitors both fascinating day and night activities as being the best cities in New Zealand. If you’re a big fan of outdoor entertainment, you can dive into the sea or take a sunbathing on a sandy beach. Otherwise, if you are a foodie and a night person, you can let your hair down here.

Auckland has it all, from breathtaking landscapes to trendy shopping malls, you can just come to visit and enjoy the city to its fullest. 

Queenstown – Best Cities to Visit in New Zealand

Queenstown-Best Cities-to-Visit-in-New-Zealand
Queenstown-Best Cities-to-Visit-in-New-Zealand

This is such a beautiful site to visit when it comes to New Zealand. Located on the Lak Wakatipu shores and surrounded by huge mountains, Queenstown is a natural gift to people who live here. 

Besides the beautiful scenes, locals here are making the place as fantastic as they can with delicious cuisine, lively bars, and wonderful vineyards. 

Many people visit Queenstown because they want to try hair-raising activities that are the signature of the city. And obviously, the city can satisfy you all. You can come to experience the rush of adrenaline with mountaineering, skiing, paragliding, etc. 



If you want to liven up your holiday mood, you should probably make it to Dunedin. Since it has the highest population of students, the city conveys a youthful and energetic vibe that nowhere can replace.

Dunedin city itself has also given a historical atmosphere as it contains the oldest university in New Zealand. There are also chronicled buildings Dunedin Railway Station, First Church, Otago Museum, etc. You can immerse yourself in the world of arts and history, and enjoy the vibe of the best cities in New Zealand. 

Best Cities in New Zealand – Christchurch


Christchurch is a delightful city and a convenient gateway to the South Island. It is also known as the third-biggest city in New Zealand.

As it is close to the Bank Peninsula, you might have an opportunity to have a closer look at the wildlife and join outdoor entertainment.

There is an activity for those who love the thrilling experiences – taking control to fly a real helicopter. You can have 30 minutes of experience in taking off, flying, and landing a helicopter with a private instructor. This would be a mesmerizing practice that is unforgettable in your life.

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