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Top 3 Awesome Ice Bars In Queenstown You Must Come

Have you ever heard about ice bar? This is a new type of bar that you must try once in your life! This article will list top 3 most interesting ice bars in Queenstown, such as minus 5, below zero, etc. If you are in New Zealand, this post is definitely for you!

What Is The Ice Bar?


A drinking facility composed largely of ice is known as an ice bar, which is occasionally referred to as an ice hotel. The bars are often kept at low temperatures (typically around 5 °C) to prevent melting and often contain ice sculptures and other formations. In most cases, the walls and furniture are formed of ice. The ice bar, which is mostly a novelty, is frequently seen as a tourist attraction. Even staff members perform time-restricted shifts and enter for limited durations. The most popular beverages in ice bars are vodka shots, which are served ice cold, and cocktails, which combine vodka with berry puree.

Top 3 Awsome Ice Bar In Queenstown

Minus 5

At the original ice bar in Queenstown, MINUS 5o ICE BAR, you can experience severe temperatures while admiring over 18 tonnes of crystal-clear ice architecture. Discover handcrafted ice carvings and furniture and tasty drinks from ice glasses while selecting from a variety of delectable cocktails and mocktails.


The entire family may enjoy a special Queenstown bucket list experience at MINUS 5o ICE BAR in our icy paradise. Let the kids experience a day of becoming Antarctic explorers while we take care of keeping you warm and admiring the amazing ice sculptures made by our skilled ice carver.

The MINUS 5o ICE BAR Queenstown welcomes guests of all ages into its artistically carved wonderland. It is situated at the well-known Steamer Wharf. Open every day at 2 pm. It’s simple to stop by and check out MINUS 5o ICE BAR before the evening rush. A memorable event for the whole family!

A must-do activity and a “bucket list phenomenon” in Queenstown, MINUS 5o ICE BAR has been wowing customers for over 15 years.

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Below Zero


This is a perfect place to break the ice! In the heart of Queenstown, BelowZero Ice Bar is a distinctive bar composed entirely of 20 tonnes of hand-sculpted, crystal-clear ice. One of the best ice carvers in the world hand-sculpted Below Zero Queenstown. Ice was used to build walls, bars, furniture, sculptures, and even the glasses used to serve cocktails. We outfit you with incredibly warm jackets, gloves, and boots because the bar’s temperature is always below zero, so you can enjoy this amazing experience while remaining warm and cozy.

Queenstown Ice Bar


Welcome to Queenstown Ice Bar, an upgraded version of the traditional Ice Bar experience that provides excellent cocktails, a beautiful lounge bar, and a genuinely unique night out in one of the world’s most picturesque cities. With our amazing ice sculptures changing every few months thanks to many blocks of ice, chainsaws, chisels, and one incredibly skilled ice carver, there’s always something new to experience at the Ice Bar.

Their 25 tons of hand-carved, glass-like ice architectural cocktail lounge has a Scandinavian design influence. Our opulent winter coats will keep you warm, and our meticulously crafted beverage menu will quench your thirst. They have teamed up with Absolut vodka to offer you a premium cocktail menu that has been selected by our talented bartenders and is served in our distinctive ice glasses. Fear not if you don’t consume alcohol; their mocktail menu has received the same attention to detail.

In the Upper Village, next to the well-known Queenstown Gondola, you may find them. Set yourself down and let us tend to your pre-dinner drink, après-ski cocktail, or late-night beverage needs.

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