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Top 10 weirdest things Dutch people don’t realize are only found in the Netherlands ( Part 2 )

Have you read part 1 of this article? If not, read it right here. And if you have read it and are still interested in this topic, I will bring you part 2. Weirdest things only in Dutch and happening in the Netherlands!

On your birthday, you must bring your birthday cake.


“What I found weird was that when it was my birthday, I had to bring cakes to work for everyone – it perplexed me.” “Happy birthday, minus 100 euros!”

Taking a kroket from a wall – weirdest things Dutch

What? You’ve never eaten a scrumptious fried dish with a dubious filling from behind a barred door? Then you’ve never seen a FEBO wall, which is a hot food vending machine (and thus, obviously never gotten pissed on too many Heinekens at your local brown pub).

That treat can be just what the drunk needs for as little as a euro. We’re guessing you can eat them at other times as well.

Congratulating someone on their birthday

Have you ever had the pleasure of celebrating a Dutch person’s birthday? This is how it works. You wish the birthday person a happy birthday. Following that, you congratulate their friends and relatives. Then their friends and family congratulate you as well. Congrats!

“Everyone congratulates everyone when I went to a birthday party in Holland.” Even strangers shouted ‘congratulations,’ but I assumed they were going to introduce themselves, so I said my name while they congratulated me.” – Steve Seagal

“Congratulations, while my girlfriend celebrated her birthday.” – moeder uw

Breakfast with chocolate on toast – weirdest things Dutch


“It’s like eating chocolate on bread and calling it ‘breakfast.'” You won’t get me grumbling about it; I adore it!” – nominated

Having designated kitchen towels

“Having two sorts of kitchen towels: one for dishes and one for hands.” I didn’t know about this until I made a mistake at someone’s house and they informed me (in no unclear words, I assure you!)!” – TurnWrite

“One is called a hand towel, while the other is a tea cloth (handdoek / theedoek)” – 147gasman

Dutch ‘droppings’ – weirdest things Dutch

“Leaving children in the woods to discover their own way back… I never thought this was strange until I told my non-Dutch friends about it! “I neglected to say that it’s at night.” – Till1241 Interesting

Bread freezing for later

“Bread frozen.” It is perfectly typical and convenient for me as a Dutch person. Is it really, very unusual, according to my Lithuanian wife and children…” – Le raz

Not having a floor in a rental

“When moving into a rental, you have to put your own floor (laminaat) in… I was the first tenant in my last two flats, so I had to put in a floor. It’s a pain in the a$$ and somewhat pricey for a place you don’t even own.” – Accepted Election7896

Putting everything into their agenda

“This is just hilarious!” My husband sent out invites to his birthday party about 6 weeks in advance, and no one could go because their schedules were already full. My child’s birthday is in September, and I’ve already invited guests because everyone else is booked.” 123456789 Hannie

Bringing a beer on the road – weirdest things Dutch


“The BVO, especially as a student, blew my mind when I visited here for a party.” – crazyInTheBox

“Beer for the road” indicates “beer for the non-Dutch here.” You bring a full beer to consume on the way home.” – Kyleon

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