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Top 10 Villages In Scotland That You Must Visit In 2023

Featuring enchanting villages, rolling countryside, icy mountain peaks, and bustling cities, Scotland is best known for the diverse country it is. Scotland is a haven for some of the most stunning landscapes in the UK. It is a fantastic holiday destination, be it a fun-packed break, cultural adventure, or a relaxing retreat that you are looking for.

The beauty of Scotland lies in its countryside where you’d find appealing villages. They give an essence of the Scottish culture in the best possible way. The stone streets of these beautiful villages are lined with colourful storefronts, quaint shops, fishing piers, and not to leave the local pubs pouring whiskey and live folk music lifting your spirits. You are just one rung away from stepping through a real-life fairy tale by taking you your next trip to these scenic villages of Scotland. Scotland is a country which is open to tourism all year. You can have a delightful experience in any season you visit. The known, as well as the remote villages in scotland, will leave you awestruck by their beauty.

Take a look at the ten most enchanting villages of Scotland. These villages features scenic beauty that will make your vacation all the more exciting.

1. Portree, Isle Of Skye


The Isle of Skye is famed for its rustic beauty and the town of Portree, the capital of the island is no rarity. Formerly a fishing village, Portree is surrounded by rolling hills and overlooks a beautiful loch. Portree’s backdrop is almost as comely as its bustling harbour. It is one of the best villages to visit in Scotland.

Location: Isle of Skye

Things to do:

  • Visit Loch Portree
  • Spend a fantastic day at Ben Tianavaig
  • Witness the heritage beauty of The Lump
  • Get educated about the history of the village at Lochalsh Archive Center

2. Tobermory


The coloured houses Tobermory has hailed as a picture-postcard place with its brightly painted buildings on the pier and it’s its woodland surrounding the bay. They are quite something to view, and alongside the harbour, they make a particularly pretty combination.

Location: East coast of Mishnish

Things to do:

  • Enjoy quality time at Mull Aquarium
  • Have a picnic near the Loch Sunart
  • Gain knowledge about the history of the town at the Mull Museum
  • Experience nature at its best at Aros Park

3. Crieff

crieff scotland
crieff scotland

Crieff boasts of the region’s most exciting small galleries, art spaces, and spas as it is Perthshire’sPerthshire’s second-biggest town. The streets of Crieff buzz day and night with intriguing shops, hotels, cafés, pubs, restaurants. From its riverside walks to its beautiful parks and gardens, you’ll be spoilt for choice in this beautiful village.

Location: Perth and Kinross

Things to do:

  • Visit the Drummond Castle
  • Enjoy the art at Strathearn Gallery
  • Gain knowledge about the history of the town at the Mozie Estate
  • Experience nature at its best at Macrosty Park

4. Pittenweem


Pittenweem is a delightful fishing village in the East Neuk of Fife. The harbour is the main focus of the village, expressly early each daybreak when the fishing boats retreat with their catch, and the daily fish market gets moving. The picturesque houses around the harbour with traditional designs are worth a visit.

Location: East Neuk of Fife

Things to do:

  • Visit St Filan’s Cave
  • Enjoy the art at Pittenweem Art Festival
  • Get educated about fishing at the Scottish Fisheries Muse

5. Killin


Set around the magnificent Falls of Dochart, Killin is known as the village ”where the mountains meet the loch.” It is where the River Dochart dramatically plunges into the heart of Killin, beneath a quaint and beautiful tourist bridge. Apart from the enthralling falls, you are bound to encounter stunning landscapes. Charming cottages and lovely shop-lined streets. Interestingly, it is counted in the abandoned villages in Scotland.

Location: West of Loch Tay in Stirling

Things to do:

  • Visit the Finlarig Castle
  • Enjoy nature at the Falls Of Dochart
  • Witness the local cottages at Moirlanich Longhouse

6. Portnahaven


The island has many whitewashed holiday cottages as well as some excellent walking and beautiful sandy beaches. The whitewashed cottages are so tranquil that they almost stand to attention – all facing obediently out to sea. You can look forward to a beautiful Scottish sunset tea with the company of the seals.

Location: Islay in the Inner Hebrides

Things to do:

  • Enjoy a boat trip at Port Elle
  • Taste the ale of Scotland at the Whisky Academy at Islay.
  • Have a birdwatching session.

7. Fort Augustus, Inverness Shire

Fort Augustus is a historic village that is set at the southernmost end of Loch Ness. This is one of the top villages in Scotland that is frequently visited by tourists. It also offers lovely paths for avid cyclists and walkers.
Location: Southernmost end of Loch Ness

Things to do:

  • Go kayaking and sailing at the Caledonian Canal
  • Get educated of the local culture at The Clansman Center
  • Visit Fort Agustus Abbey

8. Maidens

Maidens scotland
Maidens scotland

There’s an exceptional range of things to do in and around this destination. Venturing out on the fairways is one of the best ways to enjoy the fresh air and make the most of your vacation. If you are fascinated to explore the local area’s antiquity through its architecture, this place is your fit. Be sure to stop and read any tokens or plaques which tell the intriguing tales behind it.

Location: Kirkoswald parish of Ayrshire

Things to do:

  • Worship at the Old Church
  • Vsit the Culzean Castle
  • Spend quality time at Caravan Park

9. Plockton

Plockton is one of the most quaint villages in Scotland. The town only has a population of 378 people. The village lies in the shores of the Lake Carron. It is best known for the traditional cottage settlement. The territory has appeared in many films and television series.

Location: Highlands of Scotland

Things to do:

  • Witness the beauty of the village
  • Go kayaking and sailing
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10. Melrose

The visit to the villages of Scotland is incomplete without a visit to this full of life place. This place offers fine Scottish booze and the abbey; museums showcase the Scottish culture in a great way.

Location: Roxburghshire

Things to do:

  • Visit the Melrose Abbey
  • Enjoy the scene at the Eldon Hill
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