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Top 10 Things to Do in Milford Sound in 2022

Milford Sound – The “eighth wonder of the world” is a lovely location. You learn how to best enjoy it. Hikes, helicopter and fixed-wing flights, day and overnight excursions, scuba diving, kayaking, and an underwater observatory. New Zealand’s icon.

If you’re short on time at Milford Sound, check out this list so you don’t miss the highlights. More than cruises are listed.

Cruise Milford Sound in 2022


If you’ve heard of Milford Sound, this seems obvious. Milford Sound cruises showcase Stirling Falls, Sinbad Gully, Miter Peak, Seal Rock, and more. Plus, cruises are reasonable and don’t take up too much time, leaving you time for other Milford Sound activities. How do you choose from so many cruises? Most daytime trips span two hours and visit the same locations. We recommend choosing the best pricing. Compare 6 Best Milford Sound Cruises.

Morning and late afternoon cruises are less crowded.


Spend three hours at Key Summit Raceway when biking Milford Sound Road (or turning around). The Great Routeburn Trail Walk includes this walk. After a zigzag ascent, the alpine view will astound you. Key Summit’s promenade offers 360-degree mountain vistas (if the weather is clear). This hike is a terrific way to absorb the splendor and solitude of Fiordland National Park. Milford Sound employment

Mirror Lakes


It’s so accessible that you can’t miss it. Mirror Lakes is near Milford Sound. A 2-minute stroll leads to a lake with mountain reflections. New Zealand ducks, diving ducks, are on the lake.

Milford Foreshore Walk

On the Milford Sound yacht, you may have snapped a million photos. Many forget to photograph Milford Sound’s coastlines. 20 minutes from the seaside car lot, you can see Miter Peak, Stirling Falls, Bowen Falls, Lion Rock, and Sinbad Gully.

Milford Sound Lookout Track offers more vistas.

Milford Sound as seen from the Lookout Track. An observatory viewing the famed deity is a difficult 20-minute hike.

Fly over Milford Sound in 2022


Many say only a bird’s-eye view can convey the domain’s mountains, waterfalls, and glaciers. With that in mind, fly to Milford Sound. Milford Sound Helicopters offers picturesque flights from Milford Sound Airport if you travel independently. There are many flights from Queenstown to Milford Sound for aerial views of Fiordland National Park.

Milford Sound Kayak Tour


Rosco’s Milford Kayaks (Tripadvisor) offers sea kayak tours of the famed fiord. Get closer to rock-perched seals or a waterfall. In a kayak, the cliff face is more intimidating. The most popular kayaking excursion is drifting through serene river waters.

World heritage overnight

With only one motel, Milford Sound’s accommodations are restricted. There are several inventive ways to stay in this quiet spot and explore Milford Sound when the daytime throng leaves. RealNZ offers an overnight cruise, while Fiordland Discovery offers multi-day adventures with three-course dinners, breakfasts, kayaking, and light excursions. milford sound

Milford Road has eight Department of Conservation campsites, allowing you to sleep under the outback’s starry skies this.

Scuba dive Black Coral

Descend Scuba Diving NZ offers unique glacial diving. Dive down steep cliff walls to see black coral, a habitat usually found in deep holes. Milford Sound’s frequent rainfall generates a layer of fresh water on top of the saltwater, allowing coral trees to survive. Milford’s waters have over 150 fish species, making every dive intriguing.

Hike New Zealand’s Milford Trail.


One of New Zealand’s most popular multi-day walks concludes at Milford Sound. The Milford Trail is a 33.5-kilometer (33.2-mile) trek through ancient rainforests, glacier valleys, and wildlife habitats. Unique wildlife is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. This is New Zealand’s most popular Great Walk.

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