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Top 10 Safaris In Canada for Thrill Seekers

Do you want to go on a safari experience but don’t know where to go? Then going on a wildlife safari in Canada is the perfect way to complete your safari vacation. Canada is home to numerous wildlife species and some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet. Regardless of which shore you choose to visit first, the enormous vistas packed with icebergs and abundant wildlife will be a visual feast. Here are a few safaris you can go on during your trip to Canada:

Look for the Churchill Polar Bears.


Churchill is known as the “World’s Polar Bear Capital.” This is one of the best sites on the tundra to see cuddly polar bears. October and November are believed to be the finest months to visit since polar bears return from their summer habitat to Hudson Bay when the pack ice begins to build. The greatest way to get close to the bears when they are out hunting seals is to take one of the Tundra Buggy tours.

Suppose you want to spend more time seeing polar bears. In that case, you may stay at the Tundra Buggy Lodge, which provides its guests with the most immersive experience, allowing them to wake up and observe polar bears right outside their window as well as the Northern Lights dancing in the sky on a clear night.

Parc Safari should be explored – best Safaris In Canada


Parc Safari is a well-known amusement park near Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada. The Parc Safari is home to 500 wildlife animals, including African elephants, zebras, elands, wildebeests, ostriches, lions, Ankole Watusi cattle, kudu, Asiatic water buffalos, yaks, deer, Bactrian camel, gaur, tigers, and many more.

The best thing is that the park also has a drive-thru area where you can see the wildlife from the luxury of your car. This location is also ideal for children since they may spend time in the tiny waterpark here, sliding down water slides, exploring man-made caves, and swimming in river-like pools.

Safari Niagara is a must-see.


Safari Niagara is a privately owned nature park that houses over 1000 species, mammals, birds, and reptiles within 10 minutes from the famed Niagara Falls. Safari Niagara also provides educational lectures for guests to learn more about the wide range of animals that live here.

You can also participate in a variety of activities like as safari trams, Sky Quests, Sky Tykes (rope courses), Safari Speedway, splash pad, and catch and release fishing. Safari Niagara is also regarded as one of the best sites in Canada to go on a safari near Niagara Falls.

Visit the well-known African Lion Safari – best Safaris In Canada


The African Lion Safari Park is one of the lion safari destinations in Toronto, Canada. This safari area is ideal for viewing a pride of African lions walking through the park. The safari park can be explored in two ways: by bus or by driving through the area yourself. And, because they are used to seeing large crowds all year, the animals in the safari park aren’t afraid to get up close and personal. Aside from African lions, you may also see baboons, giraffes, ostriches, Asian elephants, and witness a bird or elephant show in the park.

Investigate the Great Bear Rainforest.


The Great Bear Rainforest is the world’s largest temperate rainforest. It is home to grizzly, black bears, and spirit bears. Snow-capped mountains surround it with breathtaking views and tall 1000-year-old cedar trees. Discover the most stunning glaciers, emerald lakes, and woods while watching bears, eagles, orcas, and humpback whales.

During the day, you can witness brown bears feeding on salmon, and if you’re lucky, you can glimpse the elusive white Kermode bear, often known as the spirit bear, while kayaking or on one of the walking safaris. If you don’t want to participate in any of the safari activities, you can watch bears stroll by from one of the nice lodges near the rainforest.

Travel to Somerset Island – best Safaris In Canada


While on Somerset Island, you can also explore the spectacular Canadian Arctic from your comfortable and pleasant lodge. This is the ideal site to see Canada’s world-class wildlife. Various sports are also available, such as riding ATVs, hiking, and kayaking, which allows you to witness the elusive musk ox, huge polar bears, and beautiful Beluga whales. Somerset Island supplies basic civic amenities to keep you comfortable, safe, and warm throughout your visit. Don’t forget to try the native cuisine when in the Canadian Arctic.

Stay in safari-themed camps.

Tented safari camps are becoming increasingly popular in Canada. It’s the ideal way to get a taste of life in the Arctic. If you’re concerned about how you’ll cope with the severe Arctic circumstances during your stay, don’t be because these tents are meant to keep you warm and cozy the entire time. This is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be surrounded by glaciers. During your visit, you can get up and watch polar bears, seals, walruses, and beluga whales in action. Hot balloon rides from your tent are also available, giving you a birds-eye perspective of the wide countryside filled with icebergs and snow.

Look for Narwhals and Polar Bears – best Safaris In Canada


Under the midnight sun, you can experience the rich Arctic species, which includes narwhal, bowhead whales, polar bears, and icebergs. The islands of Baffin and Bylot have located close to the floe edge, commonly known as the “line of life.” This captivating site is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, granite cliffs, icebergs, and glaciers. You may also see the world’s major maritime migrations from May 15th to June 21st.

Take a Helicopter Ski Safari.


If you enjoy skiing and want to venture into new territory, heli-skiing safaris in Canada are a must. This is one of the most daring methods to get your adrenaline racing while exploring valleys with no names and that have never been skied on. You can rent a private helicopter for yourself or your company to explore some of Canada’s highest and most remote mountains, which are covered in fresh snow. This is the best option for those looking for adventure while in Canada.

The helicopters will also pick you up and drop you down just in front of your private chalet or lodge, eliminating the need for you to move an inch. To guarantee that you get the most out of your heli-ski safari, you will always be accompanied by the most experienced and well-equipped guides.

Witness the enchantment of Canada’s Arctic wilderness.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the magic of the Arctic by going on a land-based expedition. The breathtaking views of wide expanses of snow and ice with diverse species, including walrus, Beluga whales, polar bears, seals, and the Arctic fox, will not disappoint. There are various activities to enjoy here, such as kayaking excursions, hiking, dry suit diving, and witnessing Canada’s natural environment. If you want to go fishing, you can drop a fishing line through a hole in the ice, catch a fish, and prepare your delicious dinner.

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