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Top 10 Remarquable Facts about Giethoorn Village

Below are the top 10 Remarquable Facts about Giethoorn:

The name Giethoorn comes from the discovery of hundreds of goat horns.


Giethoorn has a profound connotation that extends back centuries. The foundation was built by the village’s original residents.

It is reported that hundreds of goat horns were discovered in the wetlands. These were the remains of a 10th-century flood. Giethoorn is a variant of gietehorens.

The population of the village is among the lowest in the Netherlands.

Several villages and cities in the Netherlands are sparsely populated. Some have fewer than 1,000 individuals.

Giethoorn is one of the Netherlands’ least populous villages/towns. Giethoorn had a total population of 2,795 persons according to the 2020 population census. This is one of the lowest rates in the Netherlands.

In Punters, visitors tour Giethoorn.

The village of Giethoorn is mostly surrounded by water. There are other places where the soil is parched.

Tourists and other visitors fly into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, park their cars, and then tour the neighborhood. However, many guests like seeing Giethoorn on their oldest mode of transportation.

Punters are a popular mode of transportation in Giethoorn. As the tourists’ perch in the punter, a punteraar rows over the water with a long pole. This is a healthy way to see Giethoorn.

In Giethoorn Village, there are no roads.

Giethoorn is a fascinating village in the Netherlands. The center of this unique community is devoid of roadways.

Tourists who visit the area find it difficult, but they must respect Giethoorn’s culture. Tourists and locals of Giethoorn do not drive to the village.

There are special parking lots where vehicles are parked before entering. Tourists and locals alike generally walk, ride bikes, or take trams into Giethoorn.

176 bridges connect Giethoorn Village to the mainland.


Giethoorn village has multiple hand-dug canals and small islets. These canals and islands were created by the settlers, who were peat harvesters.

There are no roads leading to Giethoorn village for cars or other vehicles. Bridges are the sole way to connect Giethoorn to the continent.

Giethoorn village is connected to the mainland by 176 bridges. Because no automobiles can pass through, tourists and locals utilize bicycles and other ways to get to the mainland.

The village has been dubbed “Venice of the Netherlands.”

The “Sugar Factory” – formerly the Nederlands Hervormde Church. Now there’s a house. Wikimedia Commons photo by Eef NL

Venice, an Italian town with a rich history, is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Giethoorn is also known as the “Venice of the Netherlands.”

Giethoorn has a number of thatched roof houses that are usually surrounded by lush green grass. These lawns feature lovely blossoming hydrangeas.

Giethoorn’s waterways and canals, as well as its rows of weeping willows, transport visitors to Venice. Because there is no automotive access, the 176 bridges connecting Giethoorn to the mainland make it feel more like Venice.

With all of this, the Netherlands’ Venice is one of the most visited tourist destinations each year.

Giethoorn attracts almost a million tourists each year.


Giethoorn is a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. Giethoorn is one of the top ten most visited areas in the Netherlands, thanks to its fascinating activities and touring opportunities.

Every year, about one million tourists visit Giethoorn Village and spend precious time there. There has never been a year when the number of tourists was so low.

In the Village, there are no coffee shops.

It is difficult to locate a hamlet or town that has maintained its culture for many years. Giethoorn village, on the other hand, has managed to preserve their traditions for decades.

Tourists that visit the area are frequently perplexed by its uniqueness. More things cannot be discovered here because there are no roads or cars.

Giethoorn does not have any coffee shops. The explanation behind this remains unknown. The nearest coffee shop is in Steenwijk, 10 minutes from Giethoorn.

The Village was named the Best World Destination.

Giethoorn is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in the Netherlands. The 80th anniversary international edition of Monopoly was held in 2015, and people voted for the greatest tourism spots.

There were 182 destinations competing for this honor, with Giethoorn being one of them. Giethoorn received this honor after being named the greatest tourist destination.

Giethoorn is normally quiet during the off-season but very busy during the summer.

The tranquillity of Giethoorn village is mainly dictated by the season in which people wish to visit the area. Some seasons are normally peaceful, but during tourist season, the city bustles with activity and is packed.

Giethoorn village is frequently crowded during the summer months especially in April due to the blossoming of the tulips. Several people are spotted in the canals during this time, while others are relaxed and enjoying the peaceful setting.

This is not the case during the off-season. Giethoorn becomes more tranquil and silent at this period, with just the voices of birds and ducks heard.

Giethoorn village will always be a captivating spot to visit with the family in order to create new memories. The people in this village are kind, which enhances the experience.

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