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Top 10 Lessons We Can Learn from the Dutch

The Netherlands is a fantastic country. Here are the top ten things Americans and the rest of the world should learn from Dutch.

Not everyone understands your language.


Because very few people outside of the Netherlands know Dutch, persons from the Netherlands MUST acquire other languages in order to communicate globally.

Subtitled TV programmes are excellent educational resources.

90% of Dutch teenagers learn English through American exports such as Sesame Street, Star Trek, Baywatch, Magnum PI, Married with Children, and Dr. Phil. In high school and beyond, most students study a second language (other than German).

A dependable two-wheeler is an everyday mode of transportation.


There is no need for pricey clothing, helmets, or fuel. Cling to the leash, put on that stunning business suit, heels, or dance suit, and ride away with pride, briefcase, lunchbox, kids (no helmets), and helmets. In the automobile, all critical cell phones.

Public transportation is not an indication of being ‘lower class.’

Use the train to travel between cities, or leave the driving to someone else while you sleep, read the newspaper, commute to work, or simply contemplate while the countryside passes by.

A week or two off a year is ridiculous.

In the Netherlands, four weeks off a year is considered normal.

Working with your ass does not pay.

While many Americans work more than 40 hours per week, many Dutch professionals work only 36 hours each week. And they’re doing great.

Temperatures below 15°C/60°F are not the end of the world.


There is no such thing as bad weather; only lousy clothing.

American sports are boring.

The Dutch know a thing or two about serious sports. Do you find American baseball appealing? Attempt fast skating.

There is only one football in the world.

Unfortunately, American games with heavy equipment, entertaining cheerleaders, and commercial breaks do not qualify.

McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC do not serve genuine food.

Neither are Amsterdam’s famed FEBO stores, but you might find anything to help you avoid a hangover in those small displays.

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