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Three humpback whales soar into the sky in a spectacular triple breach in Canada.

A party of visitors had three humpback whales at a time after discovering they were in the right location off the coast of Canada at the right time.

Three humpback whales soared into the sky in the waters of Nova Scotia before plunging back down, surprising a boatload of tourists.

The group, who were on a whale-watching excursion, had already struck gold when they came across the trio while out in the wide ocean.

A group of lucky passengers on a whale tour off the coast of Nova Scotia got to witness a rare moment out on the open ocean as three humpbacks all lined up in front of their boat

But their ecstatic guide seemed to know they were in for something spectacular.

He begins to yell excitedly, ‘It’s going to be a triple breach!’ within seconds of the film commencing. over and over again

One passenger began filming three whales which had surfaced near the boat
The humpbacks hung out by the boat for several minutes before they swam away

The whales all appear to swim away at the same time.

The first creature is immediately followed by the other two, who swim away into the distance, their gigantic tails soaring into the air.

As the Three humpback whales make their move, the ocean swells until one of them breaks the surface and flies into the sky before flipping over and slamming back down.

The whales jumped into the air in such perfect harmony that it almost seemed rehearsed

His two buddies follow in line, much to the astonishment and joy of others on board, almost as if the whole event is organized.

Those on the boat could only shout, yell, and clap as they witnessed nature at her most beautiful and surprising.

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