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Things That Will Get You A Fine When Cycling In The Netherlands

Here are the things that will get you a fine when cycling in the Netherlands. So, watch out to avoid unexpected situations during your visit.

Not Having Bicycle Bell – Cycling In The Netherlands


Before using the bike, make sure the bell is working. If you cycle around the city without a bell, the police have the right to fine you. The fine for this penalty could be up to 35 euros.

There are also certain rules for the loudness of the bell. The bell should be loud enough for road users 25 meters away from you to hear.

Not Indicating Left Or Right


This law obviously exists not only in the Netherlands but in all other countries.

When you want to take a turn to the right or left, it’s mandatory to indicate which way you’re going to go. And when you’re on a bicycle, the way to signal is to spread your arm horizontally.

Forgetting to do this can result in a fine of about 35 euros.

Biking Under The Alcolho’s Influence – Cycling In The Netherlands


The police would possibly fine you if they found over 220 micrograms per liter of alcohol on your breath. Another more precise way is to measure the amount of alcohol in your blood. If the measured alcohol content is 0.05% or above, you are sure to get yourself a fine ticket. The amount you have to pay for this penalty is 100 euros.

The Dutch government applies this fine to both motorists and cyclists. It’s because they think the risk of an accident caused by these two types of traffic is the same. If the alcohol levels pose a high risk to others, the fine is surely higher.

Cycling Without Bicycle Lights In The Dark


According to the Dutch road safety administration, one in five bicycle-relevant accidents occurs at night.

All bikers are compulsory to have bike reflectors and lights when commuting in the dark or in low visibility conditions. You must have a red backlight and a yellow or white front light. Lights don’t need to be tied to the bike. They can be attached to bags or clothing on the upper infrastructure. As long as they can shine ahead and are hence seeable by road users, they’re enough.

Reflectors are mandatory as well. First, a bicycle must have a red reflector on its back. Then, the yellow ones on the pedals, and the white reflective tires. 

You have to pay a fine of 55 euros for each lacking light and 35 euros for not attaching reflectors.

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