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Things That Foreigners Find Weird in Australian Culture

When I’m traveling the world, I often take many aspects of Australian culture for granted. Our distinctive slang, way of life, and communication methods can cause major culture shock in immigrants and international visitors. I found the Reddit conversation so fascinating about weird Australian culture.

Here are some of the most insightful responses that provide a glimpse into the wonder of Australian culture in response to the question: “What are some things a foreigner or immigrant would find strange or not know about Australia?”


“Bring a plate” refers to bringing food to share if you are invited to a party or barbecue and are instructed to do so.

The minimum would be a small box of candies or perhaps a four-pack of some sort of drinks (doesn’t have to be alcoholic these days), but never take nothing when it is advised not to bring anything. Things That Foreigners Find Weird in Australian Culture.


Few people use their real first names; if someone calls you by one of your nicknames, it probably means they like you.
—ColdCamel7, Australia reddit.

“If someone invites you over for tea, they are referring to a full meal because many older people still called dinner “tea.” This is one of the most Australian culture shocks.

Whatever you actually drink, if they’re inviting you for a hot beverage, it’s “coffee.”


Or “a cuppa” (of tea, coffee, or anything else).


“How are things going?

‘ or ‘How are things?

as a salutation. Some people may find that strange because they wonder, “How’s what going…and going where? Huh? In a professional or informal setting, the question doesn’t really require a thorough response.”
“For instance, if the barista serving you your coffee inquires, “How’s it going?
simply state, “Alright, you?
Don’t tell them about your life. However, if a close friend is requesting, it is different.” This is one of the most weird Australian culture.

The main one is that we are a predominantly urban population.
—LubeMobile69, Australia reddit.

“that one of the world’s most multicultural nations is Australia. I believe that Australia is portrayed in the media as being overly white when, in fact, that is only the case in small towns. I consistently seem to find at least one Chinese family operating a Chinese takeout establishment, even in small towns.”

“Australians seem to naturally end their sentences with an accent. That’s just how we talk; we’re not asking you anything.” This is one of the most Australian culture shocks.

“We move left as we move. When approaching an escalator, take a left.”

“Never board a bus through the back door. The bus driver yelled at me for that during my first week in Australia, even though I tapped on. I don’t understand it, but hey, I only go in the front door anymore! “


“In general, boasting is frowned upon. That upbeat, egotistical list of one’s accomplishments and skills meant to emphasize how great one is, which is promoted in American culture under the rubric of “self confidence,” is typically viewed as “bragging” here. We roll our eyes and our opinion of them decreases, not increases, which is generally the opposite of the bragger’s intended outcome. – Things That Foreigners Find Weird in Australian Culture

Nearly everyone in our informal nation, including some teachers, is called by their first name.
—Aussie Mo Bro

“It’s not all that unusual to see someone walking around barefoot in public places like a mall or city streets.”

“Nah yeah means no, and yeah nah means yes.”
—schottgun93, Australia reddit.

There are some weird Australian cultures. Did I forget anything?

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