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The Netherlands: What Can Still Be Found Back In The Battle Of Arnhem?

The Netherlands: What can still be found back in the battle of Arnhem? Let’s see how these historical witnesses describe the brutality of wa.r.

Bullet Holes On Walls – The Battle Of Arnhem


The majority of the Arnhem battles occurred in Oosterbeek. Oosterbeek is a small town to the west of Arnhem. Oosterbeek was once a shelter for British paratroopers during WWII. After a group of British paratroopers surrendered, the remains had to evacuate to a circumference in Oosterbeek.

Today, there are still bullet holes on the walls due to the fight in September 1944. These walls are on the little train viaduct in the middle of the Benedendorpse weg.

Villa Hartenstein


Villa Hartenstein is on the west side of Oosterbeek. This place was the headquarter of the First British Airborne Division. At the end of the fight, as the Germans were near the villa, British troopers decided to take direct fire at them.

In recent days, the Dutch government has renovated Villa Hartenstein. They turn it into the “Airborne Museum”. As a result, the scars of the battle almost disappear as well. Since then, the Airborne Museum has become a special commemoration of the British soldier’s gallantry and heroism. This is also one of the most remarkable galleries in the Netherlands.

The Airborne Cemetery – The Battle Of Arnhem


The Airborne Cemetery is on the north of Oosterbeek. It commemorates about 1800 soldiers who sacrificed their lives in this terrifying battle.

Nowadays, Airborne Cemetery is a peaceful area of Oosterbeek. Nevertheless, the northern side of it was where the fiercest fighting occurred. 

On the first Sunday after September 17th each year, people commemorate the paratroopers with solemn homage. The veterans, paratrooper’s relatives, and Dutch residents come to show grief and respect. During the monument, students will put flowers on the graves to honor them.

Arnhem Bridge


This renowned bridge was once the center of a brutal between German and British paratroopers. The courageous British soldiers had a heroic battle against the German tanks. Unfortunately, they were outgunned and outnumbered in comparison with their rivals. 

This bridge is currently named the “John Frost Bridge”. John Frost is the name of the British battalion’s commander. During the fight, they attempted to reach the bridge but were incapable to conquer it.

The bridge we see today is actually not the original one. The RAF had destroyed the middle part of it in October 1944. And the completely ruined all the buildings near the bridge as well.

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