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The Most Popular Sports In Canada

What are the most popular sports in Canada besides the national one – ice hockey? But actually, do you know well about this game? The list will show you all the needed things to know. So, let’s check it out.

Ice hockey – Popular Sports In Canada


This is famous as the national sport of Canada. The locals are truly crazy about the game.

Speaking about its history, the establishment of The National Hockey League occurred in 1917 in Montréal. At the moment, the league has thirty teams. The majority of the league is from the USA, the smaller remaining is from Canada.

Each team has to join more than eighty matches in a season, which takes place from October to May. Tickets for live watching start at roughly $50 for standard games, increasing to around $200 for the play-offs. You also have to buy tickets in advance most of the time. 



Generally, rodeos happen in the western regions such as Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC. The game season takes place in March and finishes in November. In some venues, the ticket price is only about 10 dollars. In the final match, the cost will be around $100 for a person.

For your information, the proficient Canadian rodeo contests are as large as the US peers. This is an ideal option for you if you want to experience big-league skilled sports.

Canadian football – Popular Sports In Canada


The experienced Canadian football is kind of equivalent to the American type. However, there are still some different details between this game between the two countries.

In the Canadian version, players must be faster-paced moving. The way of score counting is much higher than the American version leading to a more exciting atmosphere at the live match. Also, in this game in Canada, the game takes place on a much wider and longer field, uses larger balls, and has fewer “downs”.

The game season stays from June to November. Each team will take part in a match per week. Tickets are easy to purchase online and begin at approximately $43.

Women’s professional sports


In fact, the development of female proficient sports in Canada is not way too good. Except for ice hockey, Canadian women’s games are kind of lagged behind the US.

For matches at the league level, people tend to not give much attention. However, the play-offs can draw good crowds. 

Despite the fact that women’s nationwide soccer team is rather good, no Canadian flanks get into the National Women’s Soccer League.

Baseball – Popular Sports In Canada


In fact, you don’t need to understand the rules to watch a baseball game. Be confident, purchase a ticket, grab some beer or coffee, popcorn and burgers are a must as well, and ask your besties to come with you to the game. This would be a pleasant experience that helps you let your hair down for a while.

There are more than eighty home matches per season. They take place from April to late September, and the play-offs resume during October. Just like ice hockey, you have to buy tickets in advance. 



For those who don’t know, this is another national sport in Canada. There are four teams in the National Lacrosse League at the moment, namely Vancouver Stealth, the Calgary Roughnecks, the Toronto Rock, and the Saskatchewan Rush.

Due to its harder and more competitive level of activity, each match between the four teams has always attracted many people. Surprisingly, tickets for these matches are not difficult to buy. The most affordable ticket is only about 20 to 30 dollars.


A Canadian sports trainer Dr. James A. Naismith is the inventor of this game. He created it in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891.

Sadly, due to the low interest of Canadians in this game, the only team still playing now is the Toronto Raptors. Though taking part in the play-offs in two years, 2014 and 2015, the team hasn’t won the main title. The game season is from November to April and the cost of tickets is from $8 for standing room and above $1000 for VIP sections.

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