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The most gorgeous tulip fields in the Netherlands, as told by locals

Tulip season has arrived and they are more popular than ever! We have selected a few areas in the Netherlands outside of this world. Here are the most beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands.

Noordoostpolder – tulip fields in the Netherlands


This little site is located in the province of Flevoland and has a beautiful backdrop of windmills and the sea. The car and bike routes have been voted one of the best globally because of the tulip fields you’re about to see here.

Light bulb area: Lisse / Hillegom / Noorwijkerhout


One of the more popular destinations for tulips. Lisse is close to Amsterdam, explaining why so many people come here. If you can, visit these tulip fields during the week and early in the morning. If you take a car, you can drive through the entire area and make several stops.



Another lesser-known area is to spot some of the biggest and most beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands. Goeree-Overflakkee is an island located in Zeeland, southwest of the Netherlands. There are about 18 fields of tulips on the island with different colors. Because these tulip fields are less well known, you won’t find many tourists or locals walking around, winning! From Amsterdam, about 2 hours drive.

Schagerbrug – tulip fields in the Netherlands


If you are looking for stunning fields of purple tulips and flowers, you need to visit the Schagerbrug area. The fields here look like a Dutch picture because of the windmill located here. If you come in the morning, you will have the best photo at sunrise.

Polderbaan Schiphol

Next to the longest runway in Amsterdam Schiphol, you will discover several fields of tulips. Combine this with a trip to Polderbaan to watch planes take off and land. This is also the field of tulips you see in the title photo of this article.

Keukenhof – tulip fields in the Netherlands


We have the Van Gogh Museum, and we have the Keukenhof. It’s a place that all visitors know. If you visit Keukenhof, you will be sharing your tulip viewing with thousands of tourists from all over the world. Buy tickets to Keukenhof.

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