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The man found a lost koala was climbing his door in Queensland, Australia

John found the adorable koala hanging from his front door in Mt Gravatt in southern Queensland after hearing scratching and banging from the doorway.

A homeowner found an adorable koala climbing up his front door in Mt Gravatt, Queensland

The homeowner said he didn’t expect to find the lone marsupial and immediately stepped into action to rescue the animal.

John told ABC Brisbane: ‘I donned my motorcycle jacket and gloves and after following advise from Koala Rescue Qld, safely removed him from the wall and he’s now up in one of the trees in our front yard,’

John said he had found another koala that had risked his backyard in the beginning of last year.

“In April last year, we were visited by a person at midnight in our backyard, much larger than this little friend.”

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