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The Hague Ranks As One of Europe’s Best Cities For Tasty Street Food

Looking for delicious places to eat in the Hague? Have you been to any amazing places to eat in Den Haag? The Hague Market (also known as the “Open Market” by locals) is one of Europe’s largest multicultural food markets.

Welcome, approximately 35,000 customers, on one of its four opening days! The reasons for the market’s popularity differ. When you spend a gloomy Saturday morning in this colorful section of The Hague, three of them are very clear.

The Hague is one of Europe’s top cities for delicious street cuisine


The Hague is well-known across the globe for several reasons, including being the seat of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. Besides, Hague is the best place to eat and is a “beautiful, lovely town,” according to one American correspondent. The city can add another honor to its list: it’s a vital culinary destination and one of the greatest European towns for street food, according to TravelMag!

The top 20 street food hotspots in Europe

TravelMag, an international travel website, has compiled a list of 20 of the best street places to eat in Europe consist Hague, emphasizing the importance of these delightful on-the-go snacks in providing a window into the local culture and cuisine. The list focuses on tiny European towns with less than a million population, emphasizing locations and more popular destinations such as Berlin or Amsterdam.

Each city on the list had to have “its own distinct street food scene with dishes and delicacies unique to that location, whether that’s centuries-old local sandwich recipes or ethnically diverse dishes from multicultural communities.”

For the full list of cities featured, visit the TravelMag website.

The Hague is a prominent culinary attraction and hub for street cuisine

The overview includes a number of hotspots from around the continent, including Düsseldorf and Basel, and one Dutch city. It is also special for its different food booths and indoor markets, known as food Allen in Dutch – places to eat in the Hague.


TravelMag lauds The Hague as a culinary destination, highlighting the value and diversity provided by venues such as Foodhallen Scheveningen and Foodhallen Centrum, as well as the local specialties available at restaurants such as Het Haringhuiseje and Van Schaik. The Hague – the wonderful place to eat!

Mingle Mush is a food court place to eat near Den Haag Centraal. Many alternatives are available, ranging from Surinamese to African to Lebanese. Right next to the Den Haag Laan van NOI station, you’ll find an ugly white building with a cooking place to eat.

The best food & street food market in the Hague

Visiting the Haagse Markt every week is one of my favorite Hague traditions. The Hague Market claims to be Europe’s largest market, but it’s also one of the greatest locations to get off the main route in the Hague, purchase cheap fruits and vegetables, eat street cuisine, and shop for household items. It’s one of my favorite spots to take visitors. I’ll be talking about what to buy at the Haagse Markt and the greatest street food booths. This market is one of the best places to eat in the Hague.

Why should you visit the Hague Market?

You realize you’re in a different place when you walk into the Hague Food Market. The Hague Market is bright, boisterous, and inspirational compared to the typical Dutch market, which may be quiet and somber. It’s difficult to predict what you’ll discover, and I frequently laugh as I listen to the staff’s attempts to entice consumers with a good price. “Een bakje, een euro!” exclaims some proprietors. (A bakje is a little tray that contains items.)


You are taken somewhere else as soon as you enter the Hague Market – places to eat in the Hague. I’m not sure where, but it reminds me of my favorite aspect of traveling: seeing different marketplaces. The main difference is that the Hague Market is a lovely mix of vendors representing a variety of the Netherlands, from the Caribbean to Morocco.

Even though I come here daily, it never becomes boring. The booths are always changing, with the fruit switching to whatever is in season (or cheap). Between the food booths and the stands offering anything from cheap pots to hijabs, going here to munch and shop always feels like a joyous event. The Hague Market always offers something unusual and wonderful, whether you’re a visitor or a native.

The best street food in the Hague Market



It is originated in the Dutch Caribbean. My favorite empanada and pastei stand is located on the first aisle of the Haagse Markt. These delectable filled pastries (vegetarian and beef) are provided to-go, but stay around the tables to savor the great salsa that complements them.


The amazing Hague food is Bara. It is similar to a Surinamese doughnut flavored with various spices before being cooked. You may eat it like a sandwich with chicken or veggies. Similarly, it may be eaten as a (heavy) snack or dipped in a tasty sauce. The greatest bara is prepared right in front of you. (I like the cubicle towards the front of aisle two!)

Pizza Turkey


There are various sites in the Haagse Markt where you may munch on wonderful and fresh Turkish food prepared in front of you. Coming hungry is never a smart idea here, and a decent Turkish pizza is always excellent.

Peanut butter with spices

A stall specializing in nuts and peanut butter may be found in the first aisle of the Haagse Markt. My favorite item from them is fresh spicy peanut butter, which is an unusual combo. If you’re unsure, they frequently provide samples on toast.



A Turkish baker providing exquisite burek, a typical pastry offered in Turkey and throughout the Balkans, is hidden in the rear of aisle three near the chicken stalls. It’ll tide you over till you can grab a nice lunch.

Haring/ Lekker Bek

The most popular stands boast that they have the greatest shares in Holland. To discover, you’ll have to try them. Lekkerbek, a breaded fish served with salt, is another favorite dish.

Here are some foods which are so famous and yummy in the Hague. You also find places to eat these foods in the Hague in our

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