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The Difference Between Holland And The Netherlands

Our post will explain the difference between Holland and the Netherlands. As clear as it should be, we will jump right into the business. But wait, after reading this post, remember not to call the Netherlands Holland anymore!

A Brief History Of The Country’s Name


From 1588 to 1795, the region describing the Netherlands was the Republic of Seven United Netherlands. Then, in 1795, France dominated the area and rename it the Batavian Republic.

In 1806, Napoleon appointed Louis – his brother, as king, turning the nation into a kingdom. The Netherlands still stayed a kingdom after Napoleon’s collapse. 

At that time, the region named “Holland” created the most significant contribution to the whole nation’s economy and prosperity. As a result, it evolved into the typically used phrase to indicate the entire nation.

The Netherlands Is The Right Term – Holland And The Netherlands


According to history, the Netherlands comprises 12 provinces. 2 of the 12 provinces combined actually make up Holland (the North and the South).

So, naming all of the Netherlands Holland is merely wrong.

The Government Decision


The Dutch government is aware of the confusion it generates visitors. On the First of January, 2020 they eventually determined to drop the appellation of Holland going forward. The nation will refer to itself as the Netherlands. But people living in the Netherlands are still Dutch.

This not just streamlines things; it truly causes them more precise.

Other Purposes Of The Rebranding – Holland And The Netherlands


This action also aimed to rebrand the country since it was in an attempt of updating its international impression ahead of the global events it held in 2020. For example, the UEFA Euro 2020 and the Eurovision Song Contest (took place in Rotterdam).

Moreover, the rebrand expects to handle the situation of over-tourism in Amsterdam. The country even has to remove the prominent “I Amsterdam” symbol in December 2018. Followed by the prohibition of guided tours to the famous Red Light Street.

New Plan For Tourism After Rebranding


Following the government guide, tourist boards, businesses, etc. will apply the new phrasing going forward, and a new logo which is the letters “NL” formed like an orange tulip, integrating the nationwide color and flower.

For the sustainable development of tourism, the Dutch government now focuses on promoting less famous areas to spread visitors across the Netherlands.

According to Dutch News, the Netherlands hopes to attract about 29 million travelers by 2030 – a great 10 million more than it witnessed in 2018.

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