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The Cheapest Eats On Oahu In Hawaii Islands

Fancy foods for the expensive trips are way too normal. Of course, Hawaii can satisfy visitors with its fine dining. But have you ever thought about what cheap food in Hawaii tastes like? So, here are the suggestions of the cheapest eats on Oahu in Hawaii Islands for you to try.

Nico’s Pier 38 – Eats In Hawaii


Nico’s Pier 38 is famous for reasons. They have good food, an ideal location, and a lively atmosphere. You can spot it at Pier 38 in Honolulu, that’s why it has the name.

Nico provides its customers with fresh seafood directly collected from the sea. Open from the morning until late evening, Nico’s has fresh fish regardless of day and night. Guests’ favorites such as the freshly grabbed grilled ‘ahi plates and its iconic fish tastes appetizer with lomi tomato and Sriracha aioli. 

This restaurant also has a fish market that provides island go-to treats such as house-smoked marlin and spicy ‘ahi poke.

L&L Hawaiian Barbeque 


Locals refer to it merely as L&L. It is the go-to site for a good-quality lunch. It started with just a small regional chain of cafeterias in 1952. However, it’s now thriving as a global chain that serves classic and flavorsome plate lunches. 

The guests’ best favorite here is a treat that includes rice, a piece of meat or fish (optional), and a macaroni salad. You can also try its best-selling barbecue chicken or chicken katsu to fulfill your battery before going to the beach.

Zippy’s – Eats In Hawaii


Starting in 1966, Zippy’s has become the home of local food all around the islands. It has expanded its business across Hawai’i Island such as Oahu, and Maui. In the near future, it expects to reach the US cities like Las Vegas. 

The menu of Zippy’s is a reflection of Hawai‘i’s melting pot of various cultures. Common guests’ favorite treats here such as saimin, Zip Pac, and surprisingly, Korean fried chicken plate.

Before leaving, don’t forget to have a taste of Zippy’s best-known ingredients – Zippy’s chili. It sells about 100 tons of it monthly!

Helena’s Hawaiian Food


Not many diners have the honor of a James Beard Award, though, here we have,  in Honolulu, Helena’s Hawaiian Food. This restaurant proves that reasonable, genuine, and tasty foods are not mutually expensive. 

Founded in 1946, this is originally a family-owned business. It serves traditional Hawaiian food that has become a go-to spot for both travelers and residents. 

Its famous kālua pig, which is cooked in an underground oven, heightens this diner over others. 

Make sure to order the treat that has Hawaiian staples such as pipi kaula short ribs and lomi salmon. You will find that all of the set menus appear with the symbolic haupia dessert as supplies last. So try to have some before they have no more left.

Marugame Udon – Eats In Hawaii


Established in Japan, Marugame Udon was available in Hawaiʻi in 2011. It has been pleasing its eaters with treats such as udon noodles, which are totally handmade, musubis, and tempura. Marugame has 2 restaurants on Oahu.

Its iconic dish is the Nikutama. This is a bowl of udon filled with BK sauce, marinated beef, and an onsen egg. According to customers, it’s the Marugame’s rich and savory broth that adds up the flavor of the noodles. 

The food on the menu is reasonable. They are almost under $13 and contain vegan options. So we ensure that there’s something for everyone. 

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