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The Best Small Canals In Amsterdam You Should Know

Besides walking or cycling to visit the city, when coming to Amsterdam, another activity you cannot miss is taking a boat through the canals. Here are the best small canals in Amsterdam you should know.

The Beauty Of Small Canals


There are three main and largest canals in the Netherlands, which are Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, and Herengracht. They form the watery and concentric horseshoes in the whole city. They also provide visitors with hours of sightseeing.

However, the unlikely beauty of small canals is the highlight of our post today. And not the canals alone, it’s also about the sights, buildings, and charming bridges that are worth your time to discover.

Egelantiersgracht – Canals In Amsterdam


The name Egelantiersgracht comes from a kind of honeysuckle or wild briar. This is a tree-lined canal and tranquil canal in a residential neighborhood. It is also home to locals’ favorite coffee shop, Café ‘t Smalle. You can grab a coffee and take a walk around the canal to enjoy the fresh air.

Egelantiersgracht is in Western Canal Belt, not too distant from the Westerkerk.



Who could refuse to see a canal as lovely as its name? In English, Bloemgracht means “flower canal”, isn’t it lovely? You can find this canal in the Western Canal Belt of the city, it’s not too far from Westerkerk. 

The peaceful Bloemgracht is the reason why many people want to reside in this Jordaan area. One of the most ancient houses here is the step-gabled No. 87-91. This antique house is built in 1642.

Brouwersgracht – Canals In Amsterdam

This canal is near Noordermarkt if you want to visit. 

In fact, it is not as small as other canals on our list. Some sections of Brouwersgracht are vast enough for houseboats on either side. 

This “brewers canal” is home to numerous incredible instances of the 17th-century architecture of the Dutch. For example, until recently, you can still see apartments with arched, painted shutters and huge windows. They were former warehouses dating back in history.

The Jordaan neighborhood conveys the laid-back feeling you reach here.



This canal delivers a quiet break from the dynamic street that is just one block away. The canal houses here are among the most stunning in Amsterdam. These house’s neck gables lean over tree-lined roads and antique brick walls.

Looking to the North of the canal, you will catch the towering steeples of De Krijtberg church. When looking at the West, you will see the intersection of the great canal Keizersgracht. 

Reguliersgracht – Canals In Amsterdam


​The humpbacked, lighted bridges that cross this canal are quintessentially the city and create excellent pictures.

Located in a large residence, Reguliersgracht is an attraction with coffee shops and restaurants. It also has the most famous and charming hotel, the Seven Bridges Hotel. You can try residing here to enjoy the air to its fullest.

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