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The Best Places To See Fall Colors In Canada

This list of the best places to see fall colors in Canada will help you to choose a destination for your future visit. Make sure to read it all and not skip it ‘cause it is surely useful for you. 

Humber Valley, Newfoundland – Places To See Fall Colors In Canada


A leaf falling in Canada is a significantly enjoyable and surprisingly financial thing, especially in Newfoundland’s Humber Valley.

For a province that flourishes on pulp and paper and exports, trees are indeed hot entities, but they aren’t just a conception of livelihood.  In fall, the tree-covered Long Range Mountains, come into view and attract suitors from all over the place. 

If you are a big fan of outdoor activities, go outside and appreciate this display of fall colors at River Course and you will find yourself at ease immediately.

Banff, Alberta


In mid-September, you’ll find Larch Valley bursts into fall shade in Banff National Park. The place is truly living up to its name as  “the Valley of Gold”.

To explore more fantastic vantage spots of Banff’s stunning fall blooms, you can try to take a ride aboard the Banff Lake Cruise along Lake Minnewanka or Banff Gondola with a bird’s eye viewpoint from over 7,000 feet.

Muskoka, Ontario – Places To See Fall Colors In Canada


There is no need for evidence to prove that Ontario is one of the best places in Canada to enjoy autumn. The province offers a famous cottage retreat that boasts outstanding fall foliage. 

They also have driving tours reserved for leaf-peeping via Muskoka. Other activities when traveling along the streets such as waterfalls and historic places like Dr. Norman Bethune’s home. 

Do not forget to do the advanced check with the province consultants before planning to visit. They will show you which time is the best ideal to observe the falling leaf.

Agawa Canyon, Ontario


At the end of September and beginning of October, take The Agawa Canyon Tour Train, which is an ideal option to catch the leaf falling in Canada.

The train happens one time a day. It is taking passengers more than 200 miles trip with sights of stunning lakes, rivers, granite rocks, and forests. 

In autumn, they offer an hour and a half visit to Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park. This place has a variety of tracks leading to four waterfalls and other attractive zones.

Laurentian Mountains, Québec – Places To See Fall Colors In Canada


Québec is renowned for its autumn colorings due to the maple trees. Explore the Laurentian Mountains in southern Quebec for one of the best handsome shows of fall leafage in North America. 

Blooms start their peak at the end of September and resume ‘til mid or later in October. Or you can try in lower heights and more southern places.

Algonquin Park, Ontario


Its extent, attractiveness, and closeness to Toronto make this park one of the most prevalent sites in Ontario. Being the oldest regional park in Canada, Algonquin contains lush forests and thousands of rivers and lakes. Visitors can only explore the whole place on foot or canoe. 

The maple trees in the park are at their best bloom at the end of September or early October. Looking for suggestions from the Consult of the Algonquin Fall Colour Report ​for suitable fall color things to do and precise viewing marks.

Fundy Coastal Drive, New Brunswick – Places To See Fall Colors In Canada


This Fundy Coastal Drive is another wonderful ocean expedition. You can witness the highest tides in the world and appreciate the deep pumpkin oranges and the lively reds.

In the first 2 weeks of October, the autumn colors will at their peak. And since it’s on Canada’s Thanksgiving weekend, it’s a great opportunity for you to discover new things besides only watching the changing of maple fall.

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