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The Best Part-Time Jobs For International Students In Australia

What do you know about the best part-time jobs for international students in Australia? How much do people pay for it? Does it hard to find? You can find your answers here. So, let’s check it out.

Freelancer – Part-Time Jobs In Australia


This will be an ideal option if you want to actively control your time or find the practical experience to have your own business in the future. In Australia, you don’t need to expend the minimum cost for your part-time job like in Spain. The government doesn’t limit the amount of money you gain from work as well. 

Payment depends on your performance and your work schedule. This work brings you not just only money but also a wider network. You will find it helpful when you really set foot into the work-life.

Driver or Delivery


First of all, if you’re interested in this job, you should apply for an Uber driver position. It will be safer for you since you have a contract and be under the protection of legal laws.

But if you own an automobile, you are free to sign up as a part-time delivery of shops, restaurants, food delivery stores, etc. For those who love traveling, this job not only gives you extra money but also satisfies your adventure mind. 

Just remember to ride the vehicle safely, and keep it clean and friendly with your customers. In general, the job is quite well-paid, you can get $20 to $25 for an hour of driving or delivering.

Cleaner – Part-Time Jobs In Australia


It may sound weird but actually, this is one of the highest-paying part-time jobs in Australia. If you come from a non-English language country such as Korea, Japan, China, etc. you can apply for this job ‘cause it rarely requires employees to be excellent at English.

In the beginning, you can take part in a cleaning company and look for work at restaurants, hotels, companies, private homes, etc.

The average pay for this job is about $20 to $25 per hour.



A student with excellent basic knowledge may find this job a golden chance. Working as a tutor not only earns you cash but also enriches your knowledge in every kind of way. 

Your duties may consist of helping your students with subjects they find hard to understand, setting their progress objectives, and reviewing things they have missed. 

The average pay for this job is quite high, from $20 to $30 an hour.

Babysitter – Part-Time Jobs In Australia


For those who are patient and love children, this job is truly for you. Overall, your job’s duties contain putting offspring down for naps, feeding them, taking them to bathe, playing with them, etc.

But for grown-up children, you can also drive them to school and back, help them with homework, and other activities as you discuss with their parents when you take this job.

You can get $15 to $20 for a week in this babysitter position.

Where to find a part-time job


Due to the advent of the internet, you can both search and apply for jobs online. There are many options for you to find a part-time job, such as on Facebook groups, posts on Twitter, etc. 

However, we suggest you should access jobs offering websites for more professional options. Common sites such as MyCareer, ApplyDirect, CareerOne, Indeed, and Seek may be helpful for students.

You can also find a job via references. For this type of application, you should contact the university’s caring department, lecturers, or even alumni. 

Or else, internal jobs are another ideal option. There is probably the available position of part-time on-campus work for students. You may look for vacancies like Barista, Library assistant, Fitness class instructor, Campus Ambassador, Social Media assistant, and more.

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