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The Best Free Things To Do In Northern Beaches

Northern beaches things to do or Northern beaches Sydney map, you can find them all here, in our post “The Best Free Things To Do In Northern Beaches”. So, don’t skip it!

Northern Beaches Sydney


This spectacular stretch of shoreline curves around 30km from Manly to Palm Beach. It boasts over 20 beaches, each has its own special vibe. 

The charm of the Sydney Northern Beaches is that you can easily find whatever type of seaside you’re looking for. Whether you’d like to swim, snorkel, or surf you’ll find yourself an ideal spot. If your wish is to hide away from the crowd, Sydney Northern Beaches could satisfy you. There are plenty of tranquil little coves that you can come to have the just-you-and-yourself-alone vibe.

Sydney Northern Beaches Map


As we mentioned above, the region extends from Manly to Palm Beach. The best way to get there is to catch a bus from Wynyard. Another common transport mode is to travel on a ferry. You can catch the Manly ferry from Circular Quay.

What To Eat In Sydney Northern Beaches?


In fact, Manly is a victual hub with a wide range of everyday options. So, there are obviously treats that suit your taste. You can even find a fine-dining Italian in the next suburb.

And don’t skip Newport when you have a chance to visit the Northern Beaches. 

It’s a pub where people come to enjoy the beauty of renovated heritage on the Pittwater foreshore. Newport has fine dining at Bert upstairs. The fare downstairs is for pub and pizza.

Free Things To Do In Northern Beaches

Go To The Beach


Going to the sandy beach is a must when you’re staying on the Northern Beaches. This location has a load of amazing beaches that suit all tastes.

If you’re going with your kids, let’s check out the shallow waters. Some shores such as Narrabeen Lagoon,  Clareville, Little Manly Beach, etc. offer this type of kid-friendly waters.

For somewhere more off the beaten track, Paradise Beach in Avalon is especially secluded. Also, it’s fun for people of all ages.

See The Rock Pools – Things To Do In Northern Beaches


The Northern Beaches has a wide range of 15 renowned rock pools. These rock pools are spotted along the shore. So, you’re gonna find a pocket of the shore that you will like. These are also fantastic swimming sites for beginners.

Feed The Ducks


You’ll see friendly ducks that waddle around when coming here. And if you want to look like a real Northern Beaches citizen, then don’t hesitate to feed them. It’s because feeding the feathered friends is a truly long-held tradition in the area.

Take A Bike Ride – Things To Do In Northern Beaches


It will be a big regret if you don’t take a bike ride along the Narrabeen Lagoon Trail. This 8.4-kilometer trail winds around the serene waters of Narrabeen Lakes. As a result, it offers the best scene ever to slowly enjoy. 

Besides the views of the stunning lake, the Lagoon Trail will take you through many other captivated landscapes. Historical icons, cultural heritage, rugged bushlands, and lush rainforest, for example.

Visit Gnome Gardens


A trip to Collaroy Plateau’s Garden of Gnomes will be the cutest adventure your kids have ever taken. Long Reef Gnomesville sits along the well-known Long Reef Headland Walk. 

People displayed their donated gnomes here. As time goes by, this kind of exhibition started to grow thanks to the visitor’s donations. They donated by leaving their lovely gnomes. Isn’t it cute?

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