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Terrifying Moment: An ‘Evil’ Cassowary Chases Down A Group Of Rangers On A Quad Bike

An enraged cassowary, one of the most dangerous bird in the world, chases a group of wildlife rangers, and the terrifying scene was captured on camera.

On quad bikes, the wildlife rangers inspected the tracks along Wuthathi Country on Queensland’s Northern Cape York Peninsula. Then a territorial cassowary chases a group of rangers, charging after them for hundreds of meters at full speed. As the quad bike drove down the track, the cassowary could be seen on video getting within a few meters of the vehicle.

An ‘Evil’ Cassowary Chases Down A Group Of Blokes On A Quad Bike

During the entire pursuit, the animal doesn’t seem to slow down as it runs at full speed while dodging tree branches. According to Cameron Wilson, he was the first member of his crew to come upon the cassowary. He was leading the other wildlife rangers on his quad bike when he sensed an unsettling presence approach from behind.

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When a group of rangers turned back, they saw a cassowary chases him vigorously. Before fellow ranger Clayton Enoch arrived, Mr. Wilson faced the cassowary for almost eight minutes after his quad bike crashed into an embankment.

“Cam was urging me to slow down, and I questioned why.”

According to Australian Rural and Regional News, Mr. Enoch.

“Then he pointed behind me, and I saw the cassowary in the underbrush,” he said, holding two fingers to his eyes. I exclaimed, “Holy s***.”

The cassowary chases the pair of rangers as Mr. Enoch pushed Mr. Wilson onto his quad bike, and they attempted to flee.


Green ants were on a limb that Mr. Enoch was struck by, and at the same time, they were crawling all over him.

He claimed that after giving up on them, the beast focused on the other rangers who were riding along in a six-seater buggy. It reminded area coordinator Sophie Halt of a scene from the blockbuster horror “Jurassic Park.”


Despite their incredible timidity, cassowaries are regarded as the world’s deadliest bird. They can weigh up to 70 kilos and stand up to 1.8 meters tall. Their claws can develop to a length of 10 centimeters, and their legs are capable of forceful kicks. Cassowary is one of the most dangerous bird in the world.

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