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Swimming With Whale Sharks In Exmouth: The Best Experience Ever

A must-do experience is swimming with the majestic whale sharks on the Ningaloo Reef. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know, including helpful tips and the ideal time to go whale shark swimming in Exmouth.

Swimming With Whale Sharks In Exmouth: The Best Experience Under The Sea


One of the few locations in Australia where you may swim with whale sharks is Exmouth. It is a small village located at the northernmost point of Western Australia’s cape. It is also close to the Ningaloo Reef, the biggest fringing reef in the entire globe. Exmouth can be reached by air (11 hours from Perth) or automobile (a 2-hour flight from Perth).

Only groups of ten (including the tour leaders) are permitted in the water at once, and your guide will instruct you to wait until the whale shark approaches. When the whale shark swims through, your guide will signal when you should stick your head under the water to take a look. You need to start swimming as soon as the whale shark has passed. Contrary to popular belief, whale sharks swim far faster than you may imagine, making it challenging to stay up. Swimming among these magnificent animals is an utterly strange experience that must be had firsthand to be properly appreciated.

Are Whale Sharks Dangerous?


The largest fish in the world are whale sharks. But these gentle giants are nothing to be afraid of. Whale sharks are not dangerous to human. The main source of food for filter-feeding whale sharks is plankton.

Whale Shark Season In Exmouth


Exmouth’s whale shark swimming season runs from April through July. The annual coral spawning occurs in March, which is also the start of the whale shark swimming season in Exmouth. In Exmouth, tours typically start running in early April and continue through the shoulder seasons of August and September. Timings may change from one year to the next. April through July are the greatest months for swimming with whale sharks.

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What You Get During Whale Shark Tour In Exmouth

The tour companies supply wet suits, snorkels, and fins, as well as anything else you will need for the swim. In between swims, the wind can get chilly, so make sure to pack a towel and a sweater.

You receive safety training on the boat to make sure you understand how to swim with the whale sharks safely. There are stringent rules that must be followed. You can swim up close to a whale shark and spend as much time with it as you like in groups.

Your trip departs for a tranquil area after the safety briefing, so you may practice using the snorkeling equipment while swimming. The big event, swimming with whale sharks, will thereafter take place as you make your way to the outer reef.

To communicate the location of the whale sharks to the captain of your boat below, the tour organizers have a helicopter in the air searching for them.

Tips For Swimming With Whale Sharks In Exmouth


Reserve your tour for your first day in Exmouth in advance

Try to schedule your whale shark cruise for your first full day in Exmouth, as was previously mentioned.

Take sea sickness tablets with you

Seasickness can strike even on a calm day, especially if you are prone to it like I am. On the bus ride to the boat ramp, I took anti-seizure medication, which I was glad I did later.

Put the GoPro in your home

First, a lot is going on in the water, and swimming with whale sharks is quite an intense experience. You can concentrate more on the whale sharks than on taking pictures and caring for the GoPro in the water to fully enjoy the experience and be present. Second, they are more likely to take better pictures as they will be with you the entire day!

Get ready physically

You must begin swimming as soon as your tour guide instructs you to do so, and you cannot stop! If you don’t swim continuously, you will rapidly lag behind and lose sight of these gentle giants as they glide through the water.

Photography of different angles of whale sharks

To fully enjoy these magnificent animals, make sure to swim beside whale sharks from several perspectives. While swimming next to a whale shark was incredible, I preferred to go behind the whale shark’s tail to truly appreciate its size and grace. It was fascinating to watch their big tails sway from side to side!

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