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Sweet Moment Of Lost Leopard Cubs Are Reunited With Their Mother

This adorable scene occurred when two leopard cubs got lost in a sugarcane field and were eventually located by their mother.

The two young bear cubs, one male and one female were discovered by sugarcane farmers on January 2 in Nirgude Village, Maharashtra, India.

They were brought to the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center, where they were evaluated by Dr. Nikhil Bangar, a veterinarian with the Wildlife SOS charity, to make sure they were healthy and ready to be returned to their mother.

The volunteers and Forest Department returned to the field where the cubs were discovered later in the video in an effort to facilitate a family reunion.

They carefully hid them in a box for their mother to discover, and they set up a remote-controlled camera trap to record the incident.

As the cubs’ mother later joined them, the endeavor was a success. She was able to detect them after a short while, suggesting that she was looking for them. When their mother finds them, she uses her paws to tip over the box they are in.

She then gently takes both cubs out of the box and places them in a new spot.

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In Maharashtra, juvenile leopard cubs are frequently spotted by farmers in sugarcane fields.

The leopards have enough shelter thanks to the towering, tangled sugarcane stalks. However, people working in the fields frequently observe and discover their cubs.

The cubs were saved by the nonprofit Animals SOS, whose mission is to safeguard and conserve India’s wildlife, natural heritage, forests, and biodiversity. They have a hospital for elephants, as well as centers for conservation and treatment.


“The mother must have been looking for her children because she was able to scent them out in just a few minutes,” according to Dr. Nikhil Bangar, Wildlife Veterinary Officer of Wildlife SOS.

“When she got to the box, she carefully checked to make sure there was nothing in her way before using her paws to deftly flip it over.”

“She then relocated her cubs to a more secure area. Wildlife SOS works tirelessly to facilitate such rescue and reunification missions.”

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