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Surprising Facts About The Thousand Islands In Canada

Have you ever heard about the 1000 Islands Parkway? Does this place really have 1,000 islands? Here are surprising facts about the 1,000 islands in Canada.

Not Just 1,000 Islands – Thousand Islands In Canada


Thousand Islands National Park contains 21 islands alongside the 1,000 Islands Parkway, Ontario. This site is available to visit.

Actually, there are 1,864 islands that account for this area. Some are just small stony shores, meanwhile, others are extremely big. The biggest one is Wolfe Island with 27 miles in length and 9 miles in width. You can access this island by ferry.

Another notable island is a pair of islands Zavikon Island. A common misconception of these coupled islands is that the smaller one sits in the U.S., while the bigger one is in Canada. This is totally wrong ‘cause Zavikon Island is altogether in the Canadian domain.

To be confirmed as an island in the 1000 Islands, a piece of land must remain beyond sea level across the year and keep a living tree.

Bridging History


History witnessed a lot of cooperation between Canada and the U.S. One of them was the inauguration of the Thousand Islands Bridge in 1938. Prime Minister Mackenzie King and President Franklin D. Roosevelt were on hand to officially open the bridge. Not just the two nation’s governments, there were also over 25,000 who attended the ceremony.

The Most Infamous Pirate Of All Time – Thousand Islands In Canada


The magnificent St. Lawrence River had real pirates traveling its waters! One of those infamous pirates at that time is Bill Johnston. He was the one that looted and burned Sir Robert Peel, the British steamer, in 1838. His only “human” act left before burning the ship was that he bringing passengers on board ashore.

Since then, people called him the Pirate of the 1000 Islands in Canada. Johnston’s homeland is in Quebec. And this remarkable “adventure” made him notorious within the region.

Paradise For Smuggler


Smuggling holds a notorious history in the Thousand Islands. This is an ideal hideaway for smugglers. Why? Because it’s full of crannies and nooks among caves and rocks. They ran everything from gold to alcohol to animals across the river successfully.

One small bay close to Virgin Island and ends at Smuggler’s Cave. The cave was known as a storehouse for pirates’ loot from the time of Prohibition. They hide wine and other treasures in it.

Unique Plant Species


The Thousand Islands in Canada is well-known for its biodiversity. However, there is only one island that has a microclimate. It is Georgina Island. 

This island’s subtle distinctions allow it to be the ideal shelter for 12 rare plant species. Georgina Island has Indian Cucumber Roots and the special pink lady’s slipper orchid. As the island belongs to the 1,000 Islands National Park, you can visit and take a walk on its trails.

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