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Stroopwafel: The Best Dutch Waffle Cookie And Best Places To Try

A stroopwafel is a thin, round waffle cookie made of two layers of sweet baked dough joined by caramel filling. Stroopwafels are a well-known Dutch treat that originated in the city of Gouda, South Holland, Netherlands. They are popular throughout the Netherlands and the former Dutch Empire, and are exported internationally. Why are Dutch people and tourists so obsessed with this cake? What makes Dutch waffles so unique? And where can you enjoy it the most? The article below will provide you with the best solution!


First and foremost, what exactly is a stroopwafel? This moorish morsel is made from two thin, circular waffles pressed flat on a pizzelle iron, which leaves a distinct checked pattern.

The baked waffles are then sandwiched together and finely trimmed with a sweet, sticky syrup. The end result is a delectable biscuit (or “cookie”) with a slightly crisp outer layer and a delicious ooey-gooey-rich-and-chewy center.

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What is the history of Stroopwafel?


This popular waffle has a long history in Europe, with records dating back to the 7th century describing its consumption. Waffles were important enough in the Netherlands by the 13th century to warrant an official waffle bakers guild.

The exact origins of stroopwafel are a mystery of history. The only thing that is certain is that the iconic Dutch treat originated in Gouda. According to sources, the first stroopwafel was made between the late 1700s and the mid-1800s.

The identity of the inventor is also unknown, but it was widely assumed that it was created by a common baker.

The first prototype was made from bakery leftovers, or crumbs, which were flattened with a waffle iron. The first batch of waffles, however, were too dry and crumbled in the baker’s hands.

To solve the problem, it was decided that they would be sandwiched together with syrup. An official stroopwafel recipe evolved over time to include flour, butter, sugar, yeast, egg, milk, and cinnamon.

Because they were made from leftovers, early stroopwafels were inexpensive and easily accessible to the country’s lower classes. Hence they were initially branded armenkoeken, or “poor peoples biscuits”.

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What is the proper way to eat a stroopwafel cookie?

  • What you’ll need: your favorite ooey-gooey stroopwafel
  • A cup with a slightly smaller mouth than your stroopwafel.
  • Coffee or tea that has been freshly brewed. Warm water will suffice, but the flavors will differ.
  • One minute of endurance


  • Purchase your special biscuit and keep it on hand. Set it aside and resist the urge to eat it right away.
  • Brew your fresh coffee or tea and check to see if it’s still piping hot enough to see steam coming off.
  • Place your stroopwafel like a lid on top of your cup (see why it needs to be smaller?).
  • Wait 1 minute, or until the caramel in the center has melted.
  • And there you have it! Enjoy your Dutch waffle with your cup of coffee.

In the Netherlands, where can you eat them?


Finally, we get to the most important bit – where to eat stroopwafels. The Dutch usually eat them by placing them on top of a steaming cup of tea or coffee. This cools the syrup and releases an enticing aroma of cinnamon, butter, and caramel.

If you’re looking for the best stroopwafels, they’ll almost certainly be freshly made at your local market. They often sell big bags of stroopwafel offcuts called ‘snippers’ which make for a seductive snack.

Where can you get Dutch waffle in Amsterdam?


Visit the Lanskroon if you’re in Amsterdam. You can try their king-sized stroopwafels with interesting fillings like honey and figs there or by placing an online order.

You could also try Van Wonderen Stroopwafels for a more hipster atmosphere. You can choose from a variety of toppings such as M&M’s, speculaas, and others.

For the purists, and if you don’t have time to travel to Gouda, stop by Rudi’s Original Stroopwafel stand in Amsterdam’s Albert Cuyp Markt. In Gouda, the founder learned how to make traditional stroopwafels. “An original stroopwafel should include special spices and real butter and should not taste too sweet,” they say.

Where can you get stroopwafels in Rotterdam?


For connoisseurs, there are also specialty cafes. Stroop is a must-visit if you’re in Rotterdam. Stroopwafels with aniseed, bacon, and sea salt are among the flavors available.

Where can I find Dutch waffle elsewhere in the Netherlands?

You can get them at any grocery store. In almost every Dutch city, you can also find stands selling packets to people. So go to your local Albert Heijn’s or Plus, or your favorite stroopwafel maker, and get your fix.

That concludes the stroopwafel’s Cinderella story. The only thing left is to eat one or ten. They are highly addictive.

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