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Splashtours Rotterdam And Amsterdam: Explore the city in the special Dutch way

Have you ever seen and experienced a bus going from a land across the river and onto the shore as if nothing had happened? This Splashtours is only in the Netherlands, especially in the two big cities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

What is Splashtours?


A firm in Rotterdam named Splashtours offers tours and cruises in the harbor of Rotterdam on an amphibious bus. This unique bus travels for roughly 60 minutes during the tour, spending roughly 40 minutes on land and 20 minutes sailing through the Nieuwe Maas. This Rotterdam tourist attraction is run out of a facility at the Parkhaven across from the Euromast. In 2010, the first tour was conducted.

Around 2018, there were approximately 1200 journeys with about 40,000 persons taking or driving. The Floating Dutchman and Splashtours 1 are the company’s two buses.

The company’s website can be found at

Explore the city by Splashtours Rotterdam


Splashtours are a fantastic way to explore both the land and the water of Rotterdam. A coach used for Splashtours travels on both land and water. As a result, one minute you’ll be driving through Rotterdam’s city center and the next you’ll be cruising alongside other boats on the Meuse. The Splashtour is the most inventive method to learn about Rotterdam, if nothing else!

Splashtours Rotterdam itinerary

The Erasmus bridge, Euromast, and cube residences are just a few of the city’s famous landmarks that you pass on the tour. You’ll begin the second leg of the Splashtour after a 60-minute ride through Rotterdam. The bus pulls into the Meuse and navigates its way to Hotel New York and back through other boat traffic. When viewed from the water, Rotterdam’s majestic skyline is at its most stunning.

The tour’s halfway point included a dip into the Maas for some breathtaking sights. When you’re on the water, you can see buildings like the Hotel New York, the Erasmus Bridge, and the SS Rotterdam while being surrounded by the hectic river traffic. The river will be traveled up and down by freighters, tugboats, barges, water taxis, regional ferries, and pleasure boats.

You can order a ticket here:

Explore the city by Splashtours Amsterdam ( or Splash )


There is no other city tour like splash Amsterdam! On land and in the water, Amsterdam has a wealth of magnificent sights to offer. You can see the city from both perspectives with Splashtours; this experience is sure to be unforgettable for visitors of all ages!

Climb aboard Splashtours Amsterdam’s brightly colored amphibian bus for a tour through the city’s streets and along the IJ River. The bus will first transport you to the most breathtaking and remarkable on-land attractions in Amsterdam. Take a splash in the Oosterdok and continue your trip with a sail down the IJ River on the same bus that can turn into a seaworthy watercraft!

Enter the IJ River Amsterdam with a splash


The iconic IJ River, which runs through Amsterdam, will serve as the venue for the tour’s canal trip. The view of the city skyline from here is breathtaking.

The Eye Museum, where you may learn more about the history of the Dutch and international movie scenes, is located just past the A’DAM LOOKOUT with the recognizable swings on the top. Take in the unusual perspective from which you can view the old Amsterdam Central Station as well as the overall commotion of the boats and people on the IJ River.

The tour’s path may alter due to Amsterdam’s abundance of festivals, events, and other activities. The famous historical architecture of Amsterdam, the NEMO Science Museum, the National Maritime Museum, and crossing the IJ River to go from Amsterdam North to the city center and back are just a few of the highlights of the Dutch capital that you will get to experience.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience for both young and old

Along with an onboard multilingual audio-guide that speaks 18 different languages, the trip is live-guided in both Dutch and English. The journey will consist of roughly a half on land and a second half on a river. This enables you to view both the land and waterside attractions of splash Amsterdam. In addition to all of that, there was also the thrilling dive into the water!

Visit this website to purchase a ticket:

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