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Scaredy cats! Kings of the jungle run away from hissing baby cobra in Botswana

These kings of the jungle looked more like scaredy cats when they came face-to-face with a baby cobra in Botswana.

The two young lions retreated from the tiny snake as it angrily hissed at them from a puddle in Savuti Game Reserve.

British photographer Charlie Lynam, 57, captured the amusing encounter while on holiday with his partner, Emma Franklin, after days of failing to spot any big cats.

Mr Lynam, from Liverpool, said: ‘You can’t plan for this kind of thing, it was serendipity.

‘We had visited a number of game reserves in Botswana – Savuti was our last stop. We were rather disappointed as we had been in Savuti for four days and not seen any of the big cats.

‘This was our last morning and we were on our way out of the reserve when we spotted these two young male lions.

‘I suspect from the mane and spots of their legs they were probably two brothers around two years of age. Still earning their stripes, so to speak.

‘I noticed there was something attracting their attention and started clicking away, not realising it was a baby cobra, as I was quite some distance away.

‘I suspect it was the first time the lions had come across a baby cobra and vice versa as there was much consternation about what to do next.

‘It was clear from the outset that both recognised each other as a threat, or possibly it was just the cat’s instinctive curiosity that got the better of it.’

The photographer added: ‘The one lion, we called him Stumpy due to half his tail being missing, was eager to pursue the cobra.

‘I was amazed at the feisty attitude of this tiny little creature against the might of two almost fully grown lions.

‘Talk about David and Goliath, he was holding his ground and striking out at the lions when they came too close and went to swat him.’

Mr Lynam described the situation as ‘humorous and tense’, adding: ‘The incident went on for about 5 minutes. I guess you could call it a tie.

‘In the end the lions left the snake and went about their business.

‘I’ve not witnessed a snake and lion confrontation before and it’s probably unlikely I will again. It was quite unique and the standoff made it quite special.’

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