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Safety Tips From Veteran Hawaii Lifeguards

What should you bring to the shore? What must and must not do when surfing? Here are some safety tips from veteran Hawaii lifeguards you may need.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask A Lifeguard


Summertime in Hawaii comes with early rays of sunshine, late sunsets, and heavy trade wind. And when the season changes, it’s time to enjoy the waves. 

The calm waters turn into a playground for flatwater lovers such as swimmers, divers, snorkelers, kayakers, windsurfers, stand-up paddlers, etc.

Though the weather is commonly mild, there are always risks to worry about and beach safety guards are there to provide guidance.

Samuel W. Fisher, a long-time lifeguard said that don’t be afraid to ask for instruction. If you come and ask them for basic information before going in the water, they will show you how to enjoy a secure and great time.

Here are pieces of information that you need to know when playing outdoor activities on the beach.

Risks Which May Not Be Apparent At First Glance – Tips From Hawaii Lifeguards


A lot of shores have reefs that can hurt your feet. The reefs even have sea hedgehogs full of sharp needles. You can wear booties to keep your feet from being cut.

The other risk in summer is the wind. Many people just simply jump into the water and play around. They don’t know that they are drifting away because of the wind. If you are not a professional swimmer or skilled surfer, you will probably end up in a dangerous current.

What’s A Safe Way To Enjoy The Sea If You Don’t Know How To Swim?


It would be better to head to a safeguarded coast. Ask lifeguards to give you a hand. Buy or hire life vests, and if you are in trouble, try to wave your hands.

Is Surfing When The Waves Are Gentle Rather Safe? – Tips From Hawaii Lifeguards


Is it rather safe when the waves are small? Yes, it is. But actually, when people get together to surf in such a small area, where the waves are gentle, it coincidentally injures them. 

There will be collisions between surfers, especially newbies who lease a board and attempt to learn on their own. So, you do need to be acquainted with surf basic techniques.

What Should People Bring To The Beach?


First of all, you should prepare basic belongings such as water shoes, sunscreen, and a hat. Also, lifejackets if you can’t swim. 

Going out with children? Then, always stay near them. 

And of course, asking for advice from the beach lifeguard since their duty is to keep everybody secure. Feel free to ask if you wonder what the weather that day would be, the experience level you already have on the beach, etc. They will show you the place that can let you have a fun and safe day.

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