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Red Rock Canyon Waterton: Ultimate Guide To Discovering

If you’re looking for a guide to Red Rock Canyon Waterton, this post is certainly for you. Not just that, we’ll show you some best things to do while you’re here. There are also Red Rock Canyon Waterton Park photos to prove that this Canada must-visit site is worth your exploration.


Where Is Red Rock Canyon?

This spectacular natural jewel sits within the Red Rock Parkway. It’s the water erosion that formed the canyon.

When coming here, you’ll be impressed by the colorful bedrock. The surroundings are even more charming with mountain peaks, wildflowers, and lush vegetation.

People say that a Waterton Park trip is imperfect without a moment stayed at the canyon. So, remember to take gorgeous Red Rock Canyon Waterton park photos. Since it’s permitted to eat and drink here, let’s have a picnic lunch with your beloved ones. Just don’t forget to clean up before leaving.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Red Rock Canyon?


The park is available all year round. However, the best time to visit Red Rock Canyon is from May to October. Try to go early in the morning since temps can go up 100F by noon.

Do You Have To Pay To Enter Waterton National Park?

It is for sure that you have to pay to visit Waterton National Park. Facilities and visitor services need revenues to operate. 

Specific fees depend on your age and the number of people coming at once. It’s free for youth 17 and under.

Why Is Red Rock Canyon Waterton Red?


In fact, the real name of these so-called “red rocks” are argillite. Argillite includes two types of colors, which are green and red.

The green rocks have unoxidized iron. Meanwhile, the red rocks have oxidized iron. The other grey or brown ones are dolomite or limestone.

How To Reach Red Rock Canyon?

First, you need to be at the Waterton Townsite. Then, drive from Waterton Avenue on the Waterton Lakes National Park to the Red Rock Canyon. There is a parking lot where you can park your vehicle.

This parking and instructive zone of the Red Rock Canyon is wheelchair and baby-stroller-friendly. There are information signs, sitting benches, track markers, and a restroom.

The Best Things To Do In Waterton Lakes National Park

Take A Boat Tour Of Waterton Lakes

Getting out onto the lake should be the very first thing to do here. Boat trips sail several times a day and last for 2 hours.

You can even cross Canada and the U.S. border when traveling on this boat. Along the way, the tourist guide will provide you with lots of fascinating facts about Waterton. 

Mountain Biking

Waterton Lakes National park has five mountain bike trails in total. Besides seeing the Red Rock Canyon Waterton, this is also one of the must things to do in Waterton park. You can easily hire a bike at the bike rentals near the park.

The bicycle rental shop that we recommend is Pat’s Waterton Gas & Cycle Rental. They offer many types of bicycles such as e-bikes, kid-sized bikes, and kid-sized bikes. They even give you a map that explains the trails.

Coolest Hiking Experiences Ever


If you ask for things to do in Waterton, it will probably be hiking. This site offers many types of trail hikes, from easy to difficult. So, whether you’re an amateur or a master hiker, Waterton park can satisfy you.

We’ll classify the trail hike levels below so that you can have the most suitable option.

  • Short and easy hike: Blakiston Falls, Red Rock Canyon Loop, Crandell Lake, and Bellevue Prairie Trail
  • Average day hike: Blakiston Valley and Snowshoe Cabin
  • Challenging day hike: Avion Ridge and Goat Lake
  • Challenging multi-day hike: Tamarack Trail and Twin Lakes

And of course, let’s take some time to enjoy the great views of the canyons. Take a break when you need. Last but not least, save the moments with Red Rock Canyon Waterton park photos!

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