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Rare white lion quadruplets prepare to meet the public for the first time after being born at a Chinese zoo

A set of extremely rare white lion cubs are preparing to make their first public debut after being born at a zoo in eastern China.

The one-month-old quadruplets, all males, are pictured playing with each other and being pampered by keepers at the Nantong Forest Safari Park.

The new members of the species, whose unique fur colour is caused by a recessive mutation, will meet tourists for the first time this Saturday, reported local media.

Native to South Africa, there are less than 13 white lions left in the wild today and hundreds in captivity, according to the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

But they are only listed as ‘vulnerable’ by the IUCN Red List after white lions are yet to be recognised as an individual species and are currently classified under the category of the lion, Panthera leo.

Despite their unique white fur due to a recessive gene, white lions are not albinos and the coloration does not appear to pose a disadvantage to their survival.

On November 6, the safari park in Jiangsu Province of eastern China welcomed four latest new members to the white lion family.

The quadruplets are said to be healthy and growing quickly while being given round-the-clock care by the keepers.

Footage released by the zoo shows the four baby lions running around their enclosure as they curiously explored the world around them.

On Monday, the quadruplets were bathed for the first time since they were born as they prepared to meet the public this week.

The adorable baby lions are seen playing with each other and enjoying their meal – a bowl of meat mash – while being photographed by reporters.

They are expected to make their first public debut on December 26 when they will meet the tourists at the park.

The zoo previously welcomed another set of white lion cubs in May, three females and one male.

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