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Pack of lions take on angry crocodile in vicious battle over prey

It was a battle of claw versus jaw, but the king of the jungle reigned supreme in his battle against a crocodile.

The two killing-machines fought over feeding rights at a Kenyan river in Samburu, Africa after the crocodile tried to take the lion’s lunch – a dead elephant.

The lion was among a pride that was about to eat the elephant when the crocodile crawled up and tried to take a bite. The lions then began to drive the beast away by clawing and biting at the armoured reptile’s legs.

Eventually the crocodile retreated to the safety of the deeper waters.

Photographer Hung Ta, 50, captured the battle unfolding.

He said: ‘For a while there was a Mexican standoff with neither making the first move but I believe the lion was fearing for the safety of its cubs and made the first move.

‘It wasn’t long before other lions moved in and began to claw and bite at the legs of the crocodile all the while making sure to stay clear of its huge jaws.

‘The crocodile actually tried to get closer for a second time but was soon overwhelmed so it backed off.’

Mr Hung said it was ‘amazing’ to watch the fight.

He said: ‘It’s not very often these two predators fight and neither animal underestimated its opponent.’

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