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Outstanding Research Universities In The Netherlands

Don’t know what types of universities to choose when it comes to studying abroad in the Netherlands? Read our list of outstanding research universities in the Netherlands now! Then, you can know more about the plus points when choosing them.

Advantages Of Studying At Research Universities


For those who long for theoretical and scientific features, these kinds of schools are an ideal choice for you.

The focus is on acquiring analytical and critical thinking skills. By boosting that needed skill, you can carry out research in a precise field.

By that, they require fewer contact hours than the type of applied science. They also encourage you to work and examine independently. The program lasts 3 years and normally does not have an internship. Based on this basic information, you can decide where is the best place to learn.

Here are some renowned research universities in the Netherlands you can put into consideration. And if you have more, feel free to let us know.

Delft University of Technology – Research Universities In The Netherlands


After offering specialized education for more than 170 years, it was until 1986 that this University received its existing name.

They provide 16 Bachelor’s programs and approximately 35 Master’s programs in terms of science, design, and engineering. Especially, there are English Master’s programs for those who are international students. 

At present, only the Bachelor’s programs specializing in Applied Earth Sciences and Aerospace Engineering have English lectures. 

Erasmus University Rotterdam


This university has been in existence in its present for nearly 50 years.

In fact, Erasmus’s ranking is quite high as an international research university. They offer a wide range of impressive programs. From the basic ones like Bachelor’s programs, Master’s programs to Executive programs. Gifted and determined students have the chance to take part in our Honours programs.

The school fee is about 9,000 euros a year.

Maastricht University – Research Universities In The Netherlands


Maastricht University belongs in the class of young Universities since it’s less than 50  years old.

The university is famous for its issue-based learning system and global reach. They offer international classrooms on a small scale. This technique helps bring people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds together.

The fee you have to pay to study is about £2000 for a year. It’s quite cheap, right?

Tilburg University


In 2017, Tilburg University marks its 90th anniversary.

The educational perspectives of this university are based on three pillars which are knowledge, character, and skills. Besides academic knowledge, they pay more attention to the enhancement of moral character and skills. 

At Tilburg, you have to pay €14,900 for a school year.

University Of Groningen – Research Universities In The Netherlands


In terms of educational history, the University of Groningen has truly a rich academic tradition. This is the place where “the first” the Netherlands appeared. For example, the first female professor, the first president of the European Central Bank, and the first Dutch astronaut.

The university offers top-quality studying programs at all levels. For example, the basic Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, exchange programs, Ph.D. Programs, etc.

European students only pay €2.060 for a year. The rest have to pay €8.300.

Utrecht University


Established in 1636 and to be in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht University is one best research universities in Europe.

The university wants to concentrate on researching 4 themes namely Pathways to Sustainability, Dynamics of Youth, Life Sciences, and Institutions for Open Societies.

These four themes show the UU’s crucial aims and contributions to social issues such as governance, health, climate, upbringing, and environment.

The price is quite low. Oh, we mean the school fee. You only have to pay €2.060 for an academic year.

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