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Mount Victoria Lookout: The Best View To See The Whole Of Wellington

Those who venture to the top of Mount Victoria are rewarded with breathtaking views and excellent walking trails. Mount Victoria lookout is the best view to see the whole of Wellington. Here are all you need to know before visiting Mount Victoria lookout.

Mount Victoria: The View Of Wellington


196 meters (643 feet) high and located close to the east of Wellington’s city center is Mount Victoria. The Mount Albert spur is located 4 kilometers directly south, and a ridge connects the two. Besides, the northwest slopes of the mount are home to a residential sector.

Beautiful 360-degree views of Wellington City, the harbor, and the southern ocean are available from this mount. Walking paths can be accessed by car, bus, and from Majoribanks Street and Oriental Parade.

The Wellington Town Belt, which includes Mount Victoria, was set aside by the colonial New Zealand Company in 1841 as a “public recreation ground for the citizens of Wellington.” It’s also an excellent area for mountain biking, strolling, and jogging.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson also featured Mount Victoria on two separate occasions. The very first video for the project, titled “Get off the road,” was shot off Alexandra Road on October 11, 1999. A few hundred meters to the north, the “Escape from the Nazg├╗l” scenes were shot. Later, the Rohirrim camp at Dunharrow was located in a disused quarry at the top of Ellice Street.

The Legend Of The Mount

According to legend, Wellington Harbour was formerly a land-locked lake where two enormous and extremely active taniwha lived (sea monsters). The entrance to the harbor was made by one taniwha who cut a path to the open sea. The second, who went a different way and was called Whataitai, got lost and perished. It is thought that Tangi-te keo (Mout Victoria) was given its name in honor of Whataitai’s spirit.

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A Guide To Mount Victoria Lookout


There are two routes from the city to the Mount Victoria lookout, neither of which isn’t overly long, but one is nearly twice as far as the other. Both also begin downtown.

Typically, the trails consist of fully paved public roads, stairs, or hard-packed dirt paths. You are aware that there are some steeper sections because the summit is the 196-meter peak. As a result, either walk is advised for those with a moderate degree of fitness.

It took roughly 90 minutes to travel from Oriental Parade to the summit and return to Courtenay Place, as it was a longer, less common route.

The longer track, which is 4.6 km long, often begins on Courtenay Place, climbs Majoribanks Street to the summit, and then loops back to Oriental Bay.

By beginning at the top of either Majoribanks Street or Bayview Terrace, you can almost completely cut the loop in half. The walk will take about 45 minutes or 2.6 kilometers if you make a loop over the Charles Plimmer dog exercise park.

Tips To Mount Victoria Lookout Walkway

  • We advise wearing a waterproof jacket because it can get pretty windy at the peak.
  • The Wellington City Council offers a Mount Victoria lookout web map for download.
  • Dogs are permitted on leashes (if outside the dog exercise areas).
  • Mount Victoria includes a number of bike-friendly tracks for mountain biking. The Southern Walkway between Palliser Road and Oriental Bay is the only section you are not permitted to ride.
  • Bikes must yield to pedestrians on this shared trail.

Through this article, we showed you all you need to know before visiting Mount Victoria lookout. Please give your feedback by leaving a comment below!

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