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Moose Milk – The Wintry Cocktail Of The Canadian Military

What do you know about moose milk – the wintry cocktail of the Canadian Military? What is special about this beverage?

The Origin


In such a hard time like the Second World Wa.r, people had to find ways to calm the minds and fill the stomachs of Canadian soldiers. Things got harder as the winter came around at that time.

Then, they invented a drink called moose milk. This rich cocktail makes drinkers feel full, warmer, and a little bit drunk. It usually comes in a set that is enough for a small army.

Recipes Based On Military Tastes


The original recipe for moose milk basically includes liquor, egg yolks whipped with sugar, and cream.

However, the army, air force, and navy each have their own different versions. One thing in common is they always use a various array of liquor choices to make this hearty concoction drink. Some common drinks are vodka, whiskey, and rum.

According to Michael Boire, who retired from the Canadian army, every soldier has tasted it at least one time. He describes the drink as high-propulsion eggnog. 

Until this day, people still drink Moose Milk at military gatherings, especially in the navy. This beverage frequently appears in whiskey and rum-based iterations. Other ingredients are Kahlua to convey the coffee flavor and maple syrup and sugar for sweetness. Sometimes, these ingredients can be replaced by ready-made eggnog, condensed milk, cinnamon, vodka, etc. In historic recipes, people rely on raw egg yolks whipped with sugar to bring out the sweetness. In contrast, recent formulae prefer vanilla ice cream more. 

Civilian Recipe


In fact, the moose milk recipe of residents is typically more decadent than the military one. However, do not forget the purpose of serving the drink. It is all about enjoyment, boosting mood, and warming up. So, as long as it is still brought out these positive feelings, it is wonderful.

That’s why Canadians, of both veteran status and civilian, have a toast of Moose Milk on Christmas and during New Year’s Day. 

How To Make Moose Milk


Core ingredients

1 cup of cold coffee

1 cup half and half

1.5 cups of vanilla ice cream

1/4 cup of whiskey, rum, and vodka

2 tablespoons of Kahlua

bittersweet chocolate shavings or nutmeg to decorate

First, put all the ingredients, except for the decoration part, into a big bowl and mix maniacally. Then let it sit for 1 to 2 minutes. 

Next, top the combination with prepared bittersweet chocolate shavings or nutmeg. You can add a floater of rum if you want.

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