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Moment tourist almost gets savaged by angry lion after POKING him from window of safari Jeep while trying to take a photo

In shocking footage, a visitor is seen leaning out of a car window to massage a lion that is sitting next to their vehicle in a national park.

When a tourist bends over her fellow passenger to touch the lion in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, the lion is facing away from the automobile.

The tourists’ car is pulled up right next to the lion and their window is open as the lion looks away from them

According to Maasai Sightings, stroking the lion was an extremely stupid thing to do, and the tourists could easily have gotten themselves killed and banished from the national park.

The lion turns around in the video, and both passengers squirm as they lean their bodies towards the back of the car and the man tries to close the window.

The lion continues to stare at them and roars while the visitor tries to close the window.

The visitor closes the window for the most part, and the lion hisses as the car drives away.

One tourist reaches her arm out of the open window and touches the lion on its back
The lion turns around and glares at the tourist through the open window of their vehicle
The tourists move away from the window as the lion leans towards it and roars 
They manage to get the window mostly closed and the lion hisses as they drive away

The Serengeti National Park recommends that drivers keep at least 25 meters away from animals when approaching them.

They claim that getting too close to animals like lions can cause them to change their normal behavior.

Another restriction is that guests are not permitted to disturb the natural wildlife in any way, including making loud noises, throwing things, playing loud music, or imitating animal noises.

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