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Marvelous Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Dutch

Here is the list of marvelous inventions you didn’t know were Dutch. Some will probably surprise you!

Wi-Fi – Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Dutch


Surprised, right? Not whatever scientific powerhouse you’re thinking of. The Netherlands is actually the birthplace of the concept of “wi-fi”. This invention truly defines the 21st century.

Network professors Cees Links and Victor Hayes set the foundation for WaveLAN, which later became Wi-Fi in Nieuwegein. Links assured that developments with wireless technology were invented, for instance, by having Apple on board. His wife suggested the name “Wi-Fi” for the invention. 

In turn, Hayes was in charge of across-the-board and reasonable access to internet connectivity. He then rightfully earned the nickname “Father of Wi-Fi”. In terms of Links, people called him a founder of the “Internet of Things.”

Blu-Ray, Cassette, DVD, And CD


Physical media originally came from the Netherlands. In 1963, Dutch appliance colossus Philips formed the mixtape’s age with the innovation of the cassette. 

About 20 years later, the business substituted it with a CD. They did the same with the DVD in 1997 when it was time to substitute the VHS.

The business then modernized the format to the recent Blu-ray disk.

The Stock Market – Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Dutch


Dutch businessmen and legislators created the soonest stock market in 1602. This was like a method to invest in East India Company trade-based day trips from the Netherlands

People, regardless of social status, were welcomed to fund the trips. This nationwide availability helped boost the economy in the Netherlands during the 1600s.


Dr. Jaap-Haartsen
Dr. Jaap-Haartsen

Bluetooth, an important device in modern technology, has origins in the Netherlands.

Dr. Jaap Haartsen, a Dutch engineer, first introduced the concept of wireless connectivity between devices in the 1990s. 

The Bluetooth capability is functional across numerous platforms. Huawei, one of the technology firms that found a new home in the Netherlands, also provides its users with Bluetooth.

The Telescope – Inventions You Didn’t Know Were Dutch


Hans Lippershey invented the very telescope in the world in 1608. This was also one year before Galileo Galilei delineated the stars with Dutchman’s early invention assistance.

This day, the Netherlands keeps going to discover the universe with industry professors in aviation and aerospace.

The Microscope


The 1950s period witnessed the invention of the microscope. It was the achievement of the Dutch Father-Son team including Hans and Zacharias Janssen.

Soon after, their invention has become one of the most crucial devices that boost the science systems worldwide.

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