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Māori Language Week: Things Not Everyone Knows

Every year, during the third full week of September, Māori Language Week is observed. When is this week in 2022? It occurs this year from September 13 to September 19. The program, also known as “Te Wiki o te Reo Māori,” is supported by the government. It strives to encourage people in New Zealand to speak the this language with pride. A bigger initiative to revive the Māori language includes Māori Language Week. Learning the language and taking in the vibrant culture of the area is recommended for New Zealanders and the entire world. Events are held all around the nation to commemorate this occasion and highlight New Zealand’s beauty.

Week Of The Māori Language In History


It was evident at the beginning of the 1970s that very few individuals in New Zealand could speak this language. The Te Reo Māori Society prepared a petition for this language because many people were worried about its state of deterioration and signed it. The Māori word for “New Zealand” is “Aotearoa.” On September 14, 1972, the petition—which had 30,000 signatures—was sent to the parliament. In 1975, this day was designated Māori Language Day, and it was this day that gave rise to Māori Language Week.

To commemorate this week in 2008, Google Māori, a Māori-language version of the popular search engine, was released. The initiative, which ran for roughly a year, was a collaboration between Google and the Māori Language Commission. In order to make it happen, almost 40 people had to be involved due to the difficulty of interpreting technical words.

To commemorate this week in 2015, the Black Caps, New Zealand’s national cricket team, played their first game under the name “Aotearoa.” Moana, a 2016 Disney movie, had its Māori premiere as part of the 2017 festivities in Auckland.

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori was commemorated in 2021 with a special occasion. On September 14, more than 1.1 million individuals gathered to speak this language simultaneously. Te Taura Whiri I te Reo Māori (the Māori Language Moment) is the name of the occasion. On the same day, the Māori Party launched a petition asking for Aotearoa to become the nation’s official name.

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Why It Is Important To Hold This Language?

First of all, New Zealanders’ culture and identity are influenced by the Māori language. This commemoration supports the preservation and promotion of a significant period of the country’s history.

Secondly, more than just the Māori language is honored during this week. It honors the development of the country overall and New Zealand culture in general.

Finally, some of the most famous Lord of the Rings filming locations are located in New Zealand. Anyone would want to travel to Middle Earth, right?

When Is Māori Language Week In 2022 And Next 4 Years?

When Is Māori Language Week In 2022?

2022: Tuesday, September 13.

When Is This Week Next 4 Years?

2023: Sunday, September 10.

2024: Sunday, September 15.

2025: Sunday, September 14.

2026: Sunday, September 13.

Tips To Observe Māori Language Week


Tip 1: Before the week is up, try to learn at least 12 Māori words. Additionally, you can categorize your home’s furnishings and rooms. Invite a friend to learn with you to make it more entertaining. You can practice speaking the language in this manner.

Tip 2: Many of us automatically pronounce the words out loud without even trying. Consult a Māori friend or search up the pronunciation of a term online if you’re unsure about how to say it. There are several videos available on YouTube that can assist you with this.

Tip 3: With your kids, watch a Māori children’s program, and encourage them to say the words and phrases. They ought to have the opportunity to learn about other foreign cultures.

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