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Madame Eyebrows Is A Dog Who Always Appears To Be Calm.

Everyone knows that “puppy dog eyes” are adorable, but have you ever swooned over a puppy dog’s brows? With her lovely features and expressive “eyebrows,” this English bulldog has just upped the cute-puppy ante.

Madame Eyebrows was born with two spots above her eyes that give the appearance of brows. The funniest aspect is that her huge brows make her seem melancholy. Instead of Grumpy Cat, she resembles Dejected Dog.

Do you see what we mean?

“[She’s] always looked unhappy and had eyebrows,” Madame Eyebrows’ owner told The Dodo.

Despite his depressed face, the dog has a cheerful demeanor. “She’s overjoyed,” the owner stated. “She wiggles her tail and loves you.”

When you read through her Instagram profile — which has over 100,000 followers, by the way — you can see the brighter side of this pup.

See? There is some good news.

But, most of the time, you’ll be asking, “Why the lengthy face?”

Take a peek at her!

This is the ideal face to view in the early hours of the morning:

Dogs may not have brows in the same way that humans do. Canidae Pet Food’s blog claims that they can still communicate through the ridge over their eyes where perceived brows would be:

“Some breeds, such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers, do have markings above their eyes where humans think brows should be.” Dogs, on the other hand, do not have true brows; instead, they have a ridge over their eyes that may be manipulated in the same manner that we utilize our brows to portray particular emotions.”

Madame Eyebrows might utilize her huge, gorgeous brow to transmit her feelings if she so desired, but perhaps she prefers to let us figure out her mood. Don’t be fooled by the “sad brow”!

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