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Maastricht Christmas Market 2022: One Of The Best In The Netherlands

Maastricht Christmas Market is one of the best in the Netherlands you shouldn’t miss it in 2022. Here are all you need to know before going to this magical Christmas market. Check it out!

Visit Maastricht Christmas Market


Many stalls selling Christmas-themed items, as well as numerous entertainment alternatives like a Ferris wheel and ice skating, make Maastricht market your Christmas holiday destination in Holland. The pleasant streets and warm cafes exude a friendly environment. What could possibly be better?

From the end of November to the beginning of January, the Maastricht Christmas Market is hosted at Vrijthof square. You can eat bratwurst and drink glühwein while shopping for Christmas gifts at its numerous stalls, then continue shopping in the picturesque Jekerkwartier area. The Maastricht Christmas Market is one of the best in the Netherlands.

The illuminated Ferris wheel will give you a breathtaking view of the festive Vrijthof. The market has a lovely outdoor ice rink that is especially lovely at night. As you glide through the rink, listen to Christmas music or watch the skaters while sipping a warm beverage at the cafe near the rink. Serve with reibekuchen or poffertjes. For an authentic Maastricht Christmas Market experience, add Schrobbelèr liqueur to your coffee. After some time spent outside, you can warm up in the gorgeous alpine-inspired chalet or visit the adjacent Saint Servatius Basilica to get into the Christmas mood and experience its calm and tranquillity.

What’s expected at Maastricht Christmas Market 2022?

Winter festivities on the Vrijthof Square


This year on Vrijthof, there is so much to see and do. The square is surrounded by winter-themed chalets selling delectable snacks and beautiful Christmas decorations. However, the winter fun does not end there. Dust out your skates because you’ll be able to show off your skating skills on the covered ice rink this year. This year’s edition is a miniature reproduction of the St. Servatius bridge, which you may skate beneath and stroll over. Do you want to try your hand at curling? Not a problem! Make amazing memories with your pals on the new street curling rink. The place to be is Vrijthof!

Exciting adventure

Vrijthof is more enchanting than ever this year. Walk through the glittering light tunnel that leads to the Basilica of St. Servatius. Take a spin on the traditional carousel or huge wheel, which has grown in size this year! While cuddled up in a pressurized gondola 45 meters in the air, you may enjoy spectacular views. Do you have someone in mind to accompany you?

Aside from a romantic ride on the big wheel, try tube-gliding for an adrenaline rush. Winter enjoyment for all ages.

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Delicious winter snacks


Nothing beats having a fantastic hot chocolate or mulled wine over a fire, whether you’re with friends, family, or a couple. The magical Vrijthof in Maastricht is once again packed with the greatest culinary booths. Fresh ‘oliebollen’ (deep-fried dough balls), traditional waffles, and traditional Austrian cuisine await you at the Almhütte lodge.

The most delicious regional products in Maastricht Christmas Market

Whether it’s a tasty jam for your Christmas morning or one of the top wines from the region, a trip to the Vrijthof square local products market is a necessity this year. Local producers will be delighted to greet you and share their specialties with you. With new products being added every day, you’ll have plenty of ideas for your winter meal. Check out our online store for the most delicious items and festive gift bundles!

Don’t miss Magical Light Route 2022 in Maastricht!


The Magical Light Route wants to be unique. Maastricht has made extra room for everyone, so you can take your time seeing the city and its winter decorations. The Magical Light Route will lead festive walkers to the city’s most stunning places from late November to the last week of December. Landmarks will be lit up for the holidays, and all you have to do is follow the illuminated path.

Three illuminating routes


Follow the dazzling lights that illuminate the city and enjoy this one-of-a-kind approach to explore Maastricht. Come see the city at its brightest! The three routes allow you to learn as much of Maastricht as possible, allowing you to explore the entire city at your own speed.

Light artworks: SPOT ON!


This year, the Stichting Brugwachtershuisjes [Bridge Tender’s Houses Foundation] is sponsoring a terrific project called SPOT ON! in twelve cities. Maastricht is no exception. The house of the bridge tender on St. Servatius bridge will be lighted with stunning light artwork in the shape of a poem. Maarten van den Berg’s poetry will have a special value for Maastricht residents and passers-by.

The light artwork will be on display beginning in mid-December.

Advent without a frame

A light artwork can also be found in the Sphinx quarter, where a massive art projection will be exhibited on the Brikkengebouw building. A conventional advent calendar will be created by combining illustrated and moving windows. Blanche Dael and Viewmaster Projects collaborated on the project, which includes animations by MurMur. From the 1st to the 30th of December, the artwork is visible from sunset to midnight.

You may enjoy the best winter activities here from the 1st to the 30th of December. Consider the Maastricht Christmas market, the enormous Ferris wheel, and the indoor ice skating rink. Take in the large Christmas tree and the twinkling lights. Christmas will be celebrated in the lovely ambiance of the Vrijthof square.

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