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Leopard dives into a muddy river fishing for dinner

Sometimes, there are no limits to how far one is willing to go to prevent hunger from turning to hanger.

And this female leopard had no problem getting her paws dirty to secure her dinner, as she dived into a muddy riverbed in a national park in Botswana.

She was caught on camera making a hilarious, but messy, foraging session getting into the mud head first.

The leopard was caught diving for the fish in the Savute area of the Chobe National Park in Botswana by photographer James Gifford.

The predator could be seen jumping fearlessly unto the mud, and diving under the surface.

She soon emerged, her face covered in mud, battling a large cat fish in her jaws.

After finally clenching a firm grip on her prospective dinner, the leopard proudly – and muddily – strode out of the water.

Mr Gifford said: ‘The drying river had trapped hordes of gigantic catfish into diminishing pools, leaving them stranded.

‘The fish were left at the mercy of any predator brave enough to venture into the mud.

‘Having spent many days waiting at these pools, I was finally rewarded when this female leopard, who had been lurking near the pool all morning.

‘She strode purposefully towards the water and, thrusting her head below the surface, emerged clutching the writhing catfish at the first attempt.’

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