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Lake Rotoiti: Discover One Of The Coolest Attractions In Rotorua

Lake Rotoiti is a reasonably large lake to the east of Rotorua that is linked to Lake Rotorua by the Ohau Channel. It’s a popular boating destination, with the Manupiria Hot Springs only accessible by boat. Explore Lake Rotoiti more through this article before visiting.

Lake Rotoiti In Rotorua


Lake Rotoiti is a lake in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty region. It is the most northern of a network of lakes produced by the Okataina Caldera. The lake is located near the northern shore of its larger neighbor, Lake Rotorua, and is linked to it by the Ohau Channel. It runs into the Bay of Plenty near Maketu through the Kaituna River.

Lake Rotoiti is one of the Rotorua region’s three major lakes. It is surrounded by thick native woodland and has glow worm caverns as well as a private hot pool complex. It’s a wide, long lake that runs 13 kilometers east to west, with widths ranging from 0.5 to 3.5 kilometers from north to south. The northeastern shore is made up of sheer sheltering cliffs and native bush, while the rest of the lake is made up of attractive undulating farmland.

The Meaning Of The Name “Rotoiti”

The lake’s full name is “Te Rotoiti-kite-a-henga’, which means “The Small Lake Discovered By Henga,” the Mori explorer is also credited with discovering Lake Rotorua. According to legend, the lake was called after Ihenga, who saw only a small portion of it at first and assumed the lake was much smaller.

Fun Things To Do In Lake Rotoiti

Manupirua Springs: Lake Rotoiti Hot Pools In Rotorua


Manupirua Springs, a magnificent lakeside hot pool complex, is only accessible by air or water. If you don’t have your own boat, you can also take a jet boat from Katoa Lake Rotorua, a kayak from River Rats, a Canadian-style canoe from Waimarino Kayak Tours, a floatplane from Volcanic Air, or a floatplane from Pure Cruise.

You Can Kayak, Swim, And More


It is best explored by boat and is popular for recreational boating and water sports. Besides, a must-do is a lake excursion on the luxury catamaran Tiua. The Kaituna River runs from Lake Rotoiti and is a popular whitewater rafting, kayaking, and sledding attraction. Swimming is also popular in certain areas of the river.

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Go Fishing Is A Must-Do In Lake Rotoiti

It is, without a doubt, one of the best trout fisheries in the country. Rotoiti’s fishing season begins on October 1st when the lake reopens to boat fishing. If you’ve never seen a ‘Rotorua-style’ opening, don’t be startled to see something resembling the Spanish armada on the lake, but rest assured: you’re in for a good time! For opening weekend, a flotilla of boats descends on the region’s big lakes to gain the first go at fish that have wintered in peace. Following that, the lakes are large and calm.

Walk Near Lake Rotoiti


Hinehopu (Hongi’s) track, located at the far end of Rotoiti on the Rotorua-Whakatane SH30 highway, is a 2.2km, 1.5-hour one-way route. The trail is a delightful walk through the natural forest with historical and cultural significance. You can take a short loop walk to the sacred mataī or continue on to Lake Rotoehu along the route. Korokitewao Bay is a lovely beach for swimming and picnicking.

Rafting To The Waterfalls


Okere Falls, the river’s local town, attracts adventurers. Rafting the world’s highest professionally rafted 7-metre Tutea Falls on the Kaituna River is a must-do.

The Best Time To Visit

The water temperature in Rotoiti swings from 12°C in winter to 22°C in summer, so you may explore the lake at any time of year.

Here are all you need to know before visiting Lake Rotoiti, Rotorua. Please give your feedback by leaving a comment below!

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