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Lake Eildon: Discover One Of Victoria’s Most Famous Vacation

Lake Eildon, located two hours from Melbourne, is one of Victoria’s most popular vacation and freshwater fishing sites. The lake is bordered by rolling hills, lush forests, and open woods and is fed by clear mountain rivers. As a result, Lake Eildon is a popular destination for boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, fishing, camping, and bushwalking. Let us explore this lake’s enchantment.

Lake Eildon, Victoria, Australia


Lake Eildon is the largest inland lake in Victoria. It has a capacity of about 3.3 million megalitres and is fed by numerous High Country rivers. It is six times the size of Sydney Harbour and has a shoreline capacity of more than 500 kilometers. Trout fishing, water skiing, and house boating are all popular activities on Lake Eildon. This water resource was developed beginning in 1915, and later expansions provided for increased irrigation capacity in 1955. It is also utilized to assist manage possible flood waters and to generate hydropower.

Things To Do In Lake Eildon

Unwind on the water


For those looking for a thrill, boat rental equipment is available. For a truly unique experience, consider hiring a houseboat or ‘boatel.’

Nothing beats a few days on the lake, watching the world go by from the comfort of your own private lounge or from the top deck while casting a line and watching the youngsters swim. So, rent a stand-up paddleboard, canoe, or kayak, and leave your concerns on the beach for an hour or the day.

Fishing is a must-do activity at the lake


Lake Eildon is also a popular fishing area, with brown trout, rainbow trout, redfin, perch, Murray cod, roach, tench, and carp can be caught.

Eildon Pondage is also one of Victoria’s most popular trout fishing spots. It is frequently filled by the nearby Snobs Creek hatchery, and huge trout are not unusual. There are various areas to set up camp along the grassy banks for a day of fishing.

It doesn’t get much better for river fishing than the Goulburn River, which is near the Lake and accessible via Back Eildon Road.

Mountain bike


Eildon Mountain Bike Park features two loops and downhill trails that originated from courses originally created for national cross-country and downhill championships. These courses are also often compact and technical, with tough bends and steep pinch climbs.

If you’re looking for a picturesque ride, begin at the Eildon Dam Wall and follow Skyline Road from Eildon to Maintongoon, stopping to savor the views at Skyline Road Lookout along the route.

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Hike and walk


The surrounding landscape is sought after for its eucalypt forests, animals, and clean mountain air. This makes it an ideal site for bushwalking and exploring Lake Eildon National Park’s paths.

Besides, try the Blowhard Spur Summit, Cook Point to High Camp, or the Eildon Pondage Walk for a more leisurely hike.

The Rubicon State Forest is nearby, and it includes the Mount Torbreck Summit Hike as well as the gorgeous Rubicon Valley Historic Area, which has various paths that travel up and down the valley, passing over several trestle bridges, dams, and waterfalls.

Camping is the best choice


There are a number of caravan parks and motels close to Eildon, but those who enjoy camping are also spoiled for choice.

The Fraser and Jerusalem Creek camping spots in Lake Eildon National Park provide excellent access to the lake and its surroundings. Camping fees apply and can be reserved through Parks Victoria.

You can also camp nearby in Rubicon State Forest via the Rubicon River. Additionally, sites are dog-friendly, free, and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Don’t forget to have fun!

We are spoiled for choice. Lake Eildon has everything. From modest cafes and local eateries in the Eildon shopping area to boat clubs and cafes overlooking the Lake, there is something for everyone.

Additionally, grab a bite to eat and picnic on the foreshore, or simply drive over the Eildon Dam Wall and up to Foggs Lookout to see the finest of what this area offers. Then, stop at Snobs Creek Falls to get up close and personal with the water sprays from the platform that juts out directly in front of the flowing water.

Lake Eildon National Park


Lake Eildon National Park is a national park in Victoria, Australia’s Central Highlands. The 27,750-hectare national park is located in the northern foothills of the Central Highlands, 111 kilometers northeast of Melbourne, and borders Lake Eildon.

The park is also steep, with peaks reaching 900 meters, and includes the Cerberean Caldera, a 27-kilometer-wide Supervolcano erupted roughly 380 million years ago. The caldera can be seen as granite outcrops in a few areas. It is believed that the Cerberean Caldera saw a major eruption 374 Mya, which contributed to the Late Devonian extinction event.

When is the best time to go?

Spring is an excellent time to hike around Lake Eildon. The wildflower mosaic is stunning, and keep an eye out for foraging kangaroos and echidnas.

In the summer, cool off in the cool waters of the lake. For a relaxing weekend getaway, go swimming, waterskiing, boating, sailing, canoeing, or renting a houseboat.

Autumn is a great time to camp at Lake Eildon National Park because of the warmer weather. Tents, as well as some RVs and campervans, can be accommodated at the Fraser camping area.

Last, the lake has some of Victoria’s top winter hiking. Take a short walk or explore some of the longer hikes in cooler weather and more lush environs.

Here are some information and things to do in Lake Eildon. Come here immediately to begin your fantastic journey! Please share your thoughts by posting a comment below!

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