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Is Calgary A Good Place To Raise Children?

Due to its affordable living standard, Calgary is one of the best central cities in Canada for family migrations. However, is Calgary a good place to raise children?

Reasonable Cost Of Living – Is Calgary Good?


In fact, in North America, buying a home costs you a lot. It’s even more pricey than the US with regard to houses. In order to bring up a family, you have to buy the most costly type of home.

As we know, the average price of houses here is about CA$520,013. As a result, families commonly move to the outskirts or smaller townships ‘cause they cannot afford the expense of these dwellings. They have to save money to prepare for their kid’s future life as well.

So, the best option for them is to live in Calgary. In this city, they can find affordable housing and can still be in a major and modern city.

Short Travel Time


Unlike other central cities where overcrowding streets are an everyday vision, Calgary is different.

The average travel time in this city is just about 25 minutes. This leads the city to have the lowest travel time in Canada. To compare, San Francisco’s average commute time is about 65 minutes, and London’s is more than 70 minutes.

Short travel time comes up with a better general quality of life. Instead of wasting your time in traffic, you will have more time to be with your kids. It saves the expense of fuel, transport, and carbon footprints as well. Short travels are familiar in Calgary, and many citizens here don’t even need cars. In summer, bicycles can do all the jobs.

So, the ease of going around is another reason why Calgary is the perfect place to bring up a family.

Children-Friendly Conveniences – Is Calgary Good?


Children can easily get bored. So, the parent’s job is to keep your offspring entertained. Thankfully, Calgary has some conveniences that kids could enjoy. For example, the city has lots of parks, and nearly every Calgary dwelling is just a few minutes away from a park. It also has zoos so that children can learn about all types of animals.

And it would be remiss of us not to mention the biggest amusement park in the city, Calaway Park. The park has all sorts of games and offers 30 rides for children to play. It even has a campground for family overnight camping.

Educational And Healthcare System


Calgary provides children with two separate educational systems, from K1 to grade 12. You have to choose whether you want your child to go to the Calgary board of education schools or the catholic school board. 

If you want your offspring to have an entire education here, it is still possible. It is because the city has some top-ranking universities in Canada. For example, The Alberta University of Arts, Mount Royal University, St Mary’s University,  University of Calgary, etc.

In terms of healthcare, in Calgary, your children will be taken care of by a specialist hospital. By doing this, your kids can surely access top-notch healthcare services. 

Low Crime Rate – Is Calgary Good?


Being parents, of course, you want to ensure that your kids are safe outside. And fortunately, Calgary can offer that assurance. 

The city is fairly safe, with a crime rate that’s about 22% under the nationwide average. Crimes in Calgary have been declining over time.

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