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Incredible moment zebra sinks its teeth into a crocodile’s throat after the predator lay in wait to attack herd crossing a river in Kenya

This is the incredible moment a zebra sunk its teeth into a crocodile’s throat, turning the tables on the predator after it lay in wait to attack a herd crossing a river in Kenya.

Amazingly, the zebra was able to successfully defend itself from being trapped in the jaws of the beastly reptile.

One image showed a number of crocodiles laying in wait in the water as the herd of zebras was crossing through, and another captured the moment the crocodile leapt out of the water in an attempt to make the zebra its meal.

But the most startling moment of the series shows the zebra biting the crocodile in the throat before the predator recoiled in pain, allowing the zebra to get out of the Mara River in the Maasai Mara, and to the safety of dry land.

Other members of its herd were not so lucky, however, with pictures showing the black and white stripes of some of the animals disappearing into the river amidst a writhing of water, scales and teeth.

The stunning photographs of the rare moment were snapped by 39-year-old photographer Robert Ndawuasa Sayialel, from Nairobi Kenya. He was positioned just 60 feet away from the fearsome battle of life-or-death.

‘This is probably one of my best wildlife photos i have ever taken, it was epic and I felt privileged to witness it,’ said Robert ‘This zebra did not go down without a fight, as it tried to fight the crocodile by whatever means necessary.

‘It shoved the crocodile with its head and was able to give the attacker a good bite until the crocodile retreated.

‘It was exhilarating to be in the front seat of such a spectacle of the natural wild filled with mixed feelings really watching it all unfolding right before my eyes.’

Robert explained how he came to take the amazing sequence. ‘As I was driving along the river I spotted a group of Zebras gathering on the banks of the other side of the river,’ he said.

‘Getting to witness and capture animals crossing this crocodile infested river is a waiting game that needs patience. I watched as the Zebras would come to the edge of the river approaching very cautiously, clearly aware of the presence of crocodiles.

‘A little splash in the water had them running back to safety. Eventually the urge to cross becomes too much and it only takes one brave zebra to make the move and the rest would follow.

‘This is what the crocodiles were waiting for, a disturbance in the river, suddenly a dozen of them made their move towards the crossing zebras.

‘Some kicked and jumped to avoid the wide gaping mouths of the crocodiles trying to grab one of them.

‘Zebras are known to be very dangerous for their back kicks and biting. Almost every person who sees the sequence of these photos is amazed by the zebras will to survive and fight with whatever means necessary.’


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